The Playroom: AR Studio Out Tonight on PS4

By Nicolas Doucet: "Over at Japan Studio, we’ve been hard at work on new DLC for The Playroom. We’re proud to announce AR Studio, which will be launching later today on PS4 for the low, low price of free"

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garos821495d ago

cant beat free! looking forward to more creative camera experiences

Mr Pumblechook1495d ago

Great! Although I don't broadcast I love watching all different kinds of people from around the world and the weird stuff they do. The best thing for me is that there will now be different music or no music possible - I've got bored of that single PlayRoom track!

It's kinda odd that while microsoft made all that song and dance about the Kinect camera but ultimately it never took off, there is this more direct camera program that has done much more to endear it to gamers.