Destiny Playstation 3 bundle listed for U.S. with package shot, release date and price

Based on a listing, Sony appears to be releasing a Destiny system bundle for Playstation 3 as well as the Playstation 4.

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Software_Lover1457d ago

They must really be making money on those ps3's. I still say it's weird having the systems out so long and they still not hit the 99.00 price point, with a pack in.

Finalfantasykid1457d ago

They will probably never get to that price. The systems have a lot more going on in them now, an example of that is the built in harddrive, which systems like the PS2 never had (built in). I think next year we will see both the 360 and PS3 at a 150 price point, which will be their lowest price.

Sevir1457d ago

You can thank Nvidia for that, They're fabrication of the RSX chip was expensive, and they refused to lower production cost even though manufacturing of the chip is much cheaper. This is one of the reason's why Xb360 hit $99 bucks already and why Sony went with AMD this gen.

Software_Lover1457d ago

Nvidia is also the reason the original Xbox got shut down so early. You figured they would have learned. Maybe that's why they are so butthurt this gen.

SoapShoes1457d ago

$270 for a PS3 and Destiny. Well PS3s are still selling but why not just get a PS4 for Destiny if you're buying a system? It's not that much more expensive.

FamilyGuy1456d ago

Well your question sounds rhetorical but I'll answer it anyway. 1 big reason why someone might buy a PS3 instead is because of all the titles that on that system that aren't on PS4. There's a lot of awesome last gen games that aren't coming to PS4 at all.