Debatable: No Vita Love at Gamescom

Posted by Colm Ahern: Gamescom, Europe’s premiere games show just happened and the lack of PS Vita content was worrying for owners of the Sony handheld.

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joeorc1378d ago

Its because Sony is concentrating on taking the playstation Vita to the Living Room, and by extension the games made for Playstation Tv will run also on a standard Playstation Tv.

The point is just like the video pointed the games like uncharted: GA was not as good as the PS3 ver' which means instead of trying to flush good money after bad on AAA investment for the Playstation Vita, Sony is instead taking that same investment.

To A: cheaper playstation Vita platform entry price IE: Playstation TV.
B: as an extension device to a playstation 4 two people can play on a single playstation 4 game with just one PS4 and a playstation Tv in other rooms all at the same time!

C: Since the playstation Tv has both psvita blank memory card slot and game card slot the fact its a full micro console with which to play Vita games on a Tv, those gamer's that wanted a playstation Vita so as to be able to play those games but on a much larger screen can do so now. With a cheaper entry price point.

Also this will by default increase standard playstation Vita software support, because they have the same core chipset.

GdaTyler1377d ago

Since it's not doing well outside of Japan they give up. They want to push their newest console the most they can and sustain the momentum even at the cost of ignoring Vita. It's sad, but it's the harsh reality now.

HentaiMasterRace1377d ago

I just hope they focus on PS4, get money, then go back to the dead Vita and give it a revival bead(phoenix down).

gunboss2011377d ago

Since they produced Vita TV, I hope Sony focuses on it..
That way the VITA is still considered not dead, YET, since they use memory card-like chip to play games.

GAMES GAMES GAMES!!! Crash Bandicoot Revival might help..