Oculus Rift Beats Project Morpheus and More at Gamescom Awards

VRFocus - Both Oculus VR and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) have made a point of their friendly relationship while developing their respective virtual reality (VR) head-mounted displays (HMD). That said, it was inevitable that, eventually, the Oculus Rift VR HMD and Project Morpheus VR HMD would be pitted against each other in some form. The first example of this arose last week at the Gamescom 2014 awards, where the two went head-to-head in the Best Hardware category, with Oculus VR's kit coming out on top.

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Stapleface1457d ago

It's going to be hard for Morpheus to compete. They have been working on Occulus for a little while longer and have the top people in that field working on it. Not to mention unless Morpheus works with pc, it's stuck with the same hardware forever. There for it can't be pushed to the specs that Occulus can. However, given some time and if they have Morpheus working on pc, I feel like they will get to the point of being so similar that it will be the price point and aesthetics that will make the difference for people. (I know Morpheus was spotted being used on pc recently, but that could be a dev kit so who knows..)

Joe9131457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

If Sony makes Morpheus compatible with pc then they can sell more just because people that would use it on their console and pc would probably get one VR headset to use on both instead of getting two separate VR headsets and yeah Oculus has been in development a year longer I would hope they were a bit ahead of Sony lol.

Ju1457d ago

I doubt that. To make this a mass product it needs to be cheap and accessible. And the PC platform ain't that. For geeks and nerds, sure, but I see no mass market for this on the PC. I rather think Oculus must create a (entry version) for consoles if they want to be successful.

awi59511456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )


LOL you are nuts console people get ripped off hard on all your accessories and they charge top dollar for them and they rarely drop in price. Just look how much extra controllers and all the other crap you want on console costs. Every bit of it is going to cost you the price of a game.

KakashiHotake1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Well it's still too soon to say actually and a lot of things have to factor in for Oculus to be successful. Right now Sony has the advantage as they already have an established gaming platform to sell the Morpheous to. They also have the advantage of price as most of the initial buyers will already have PS4's so they'll only need the headset. By the time Morphoeus launches PS4 will more than likely have a comfortable install base of 20 million, all of which could be potential buyers. For Morpheus the only real challenge is getting the price consumer friendly.

Rift has a bigger hill to climb. While they will undoubtedly have the advantage in power and specs, they will also have a headstart as they are further ahead in development. However while it seems likely that PC will be the natural base platform, I find it hard to see how PC gamers can adopt this tech. PC gamers love their mouse and keyboard and I just can't see how you combine that with the Rift. I also remember reading that Rift was building their own platform but now you have the challenge of price. If they want to maintain those high-end PC specs then it won't come cheap. The Rift itself is probably at a consumer price of $250-$300 and couple that with a high end gaming PC graphics card as well as additional sensor technologies they want to add and it's not hard to see how selling this to the average consumer may be difficult.

You would think the core audience they want to sell this too is casuals, but casuals are mainly interested in reasonable prices such as the Wii for $200. And the hardcore gaming audience is a tough nut to crack and Sony already has a stronghold on it. besides they already lost a large chunk of the hardcore gaming audience the minute they teamed up with Facebook. So the Rift has more than a few challenges, but who knows, hopefully they have a good strategy.

breakpad1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

no matter how good is OCCulus...dont be ypocrites it is just a game machine and a game machine without good games is by default failed ...Project Morpheus except the fact that it doesnt hide its gaming purpose ..has behind it, Sony and Playstation gaming ecosystem .. which by its turn it is too difficult to be beaten by Occulus ( im not fan fan of Occullus at all because facebook surveillance is behind it

aliengmr1457d ago

What's so funny about your comment is it completely ignores reality.

But Sony wasn't hailed as gaming's savior so the the butt-hurt is understandable.

breakpad1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

@alienmgr what ever you say man ...Occulus IS a game machine no matter what the devs behind want to promote it

awi59511455d ago

It's Pc there will be games easy especially if the software is released to the public to develop on. Even if its not a 3rd party or hackers will release software to run it. Look at all the xbox connect hacks for pc for the first version of the camera.

miiikkeyyyy1457d ago

Of course it will, for now! Oculus Rift has been in development for two and a half years. Project Morpheus has only been in development a year.

I have a PlayStation 4, but I want Rift and Morpheus to succeed. Would gaming be so good now, had there been no competition? Probably not.

LazyGoron1457d ago


Device supported on highest spec PC does better than Device supported by home console for general consumption!

Get the fuck out, and here I thought my Nissan Sentra was as nice as a Rolls Royce. Obviously in a showroom floor setting like this Oculus is going to excel.

Let's see how the average gamer (even average PC gamer) does with Oculus when they don't have the latest and greatest technology or technology designed SPECIFICALLY for Oculus.

Project Morpheus has the fortunate, or unfortunate, circumstance of having a specific hardware set up to work with (PS4/DS4). I feel like this gives devs a better arena to produce games because they can guarantee an experience for players. Oculus devs would be forced to develop for a device where the specs are unknown, therefore to a given consumer, the outcome or overall quality of the device would be unknown.

Stapleface1457d ago

The people you just described are not the target audience for OR. The people that are going to purchase it already have the hardware to run it. You would have to be a complete moron to not know your hardware specs in your own pc, and to buy something for it beyond what your specs are capable of.

Razjin1457d ago They're clearly trying to target anyone who is interested. realistically you need to know your specs but the average tech person/consumers is not going to bother knowing what the min/recommended specs are with the rift because they just don't know or curiosity of just having the product will get the best of them.

LazyGoron1457d ago

I agree with you in the sense that I would (and hope others do too) make sure I knew what I had/needed before purchasing.

We're both naive to think majority of people will buy OR with full knowledge of what's needed. IMO most people would simply buy it for the sake of VR, then bitch if it doesn't work as well as they want. Never bothering to take some responsibility for not knowing the specs needed.

spektical1457d ago

yea i stopped holding my breath for oculus. Owned by facebook and their statement has changed from gaming to a social multimedia platform.

aliengmr1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Except that's not true, at all.

Pretty sure the ~30,000 DK2s already sold aren't being used for Facebook exclusively.

I guess if they wanted to not sell Rifts and just waste a bunch of money developing it, then I guess making it a "social multimedia platform" is the way to go.

Wonder what they are going to do with all the developers adding Rift support to their games? I haven't seen a single social app made for the Rift, just games. Its almost like 'games' are what people want the Rift for.

Ju1457d ago

30,000 would have been an impressive the late 70s. But today nobody can run a business with that anymore.

Bladesfist1456d ago

@JU 30,000 kits sold for the purpose of development. These are not consumer products and if you don't think facebook has the capital to market the crap out of the consumer version when it launches then you are crazy.

WeAreLegion1457d ago

Morpheus has beaten Oculus DK2 at other shows. I think it depends who's playing it and what they're playing. You everything else. I certainly enjoyed my time with both headsets. Can't wait to get them!

Stapleface1457d ago

Personal perspective is always going to change outcomes. I'm right there with you when it comes to being excited for both. I have not got to try them yet, but I look forward to eventually.

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