Hands on: The Evil Within I Rice Digital

Rice Digital get some serious hands on time, deep into The Evil Within's story - and find that it's like the Resident Evil you always wanted.

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Patashnik1133d ago

I was going to pick up Alien Isolation instead, but seriously considering changing my mind now. Regardless, that's two excellent 'proper' survival horrors on the cards - which is n bad thing.

sd111133d ago

Do the game stores by you offer a no question return policy? If so buy Alien Isolation, complete it quickly and then return it to the store and grab The Evil within.

Or buy both. They both look amazing, but if money is tight just do the above.

spacedelete1133d ago

theres no way stores allow that policy as most gamers would play essentially free games.

Pinkdolphinyfg1133d ago

Buy both and show there is a demand for the genre because companies like Capcom feel like they are niche products. Lets prove them wrong!

DaveyB1133d ago

Yeah, I was in two minds about it - but I've not heard anyone say a bad thing about it yet. Which bodes well. Looks like Mikami has really put his stamp on this one, s it feels properly Resident Evil-like.

Shazz1133d ago

This looks awesome very old school resi like with going back and forth to different rooms searching for objects :)

Blueraven3161133d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. Looks very interesting

Monstar1133d ago

the P.T demo made this game childs play in terms of surival horror. This looks like a reskinned RE4 that just relies heavily on blood and gore for the scare factor..which just doesn't work. this game better have some twisted characters and good far it isn't showing much, IMO.

Blueraven3161133d ago

Try playing the game first lol

Monstar1132d ago

There is a ton of gameplay footages for evil within..and if you think this game will be scarier than the P.T demo then you're wrong. The P.T demo raised the bar for survival horror..and that was just a fucking teaser.

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