Dan Greenawalt Talks Forza Horizon 2, Xbox One's Improvement, Weather and More; Praises Project CARS

Dan Greenawalt is the brilliant mind behind the Forza Motorsport franchise, and a legend among racing game fans. At Gamescom DualShockers took the chance to have a chat with him about Forza Horizon 2 and the future of the Forza franchise.

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cfc781493d ago

I think the Forza Horizon franchise is moving in the right direction with the weather system been added in from the last game I just hope to see Forza Motorsport 6 get the same treatment big fan of the game I just feel it needs a significant change rather than the small but great changes of Forza 5.

Axios21493d ago

Always great to hear from Dan, he has great passion for the sport nd the game.

I'm also very excited to see what Forza 6 will look like, considering the addition power given to the developers, formerly reserved for Kinect, and another year of optimization.

Septic1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Forza 6, or the next big driving sim, needs to do damage modelling right. I think that's an area sorely lacking. Super realistic damage with coilovers getting bent, panels deforming realistically, rubber flying off etc. That's what needs to happen.

Riderz13371493d ago

If they made it super realistic then my race would end in seconds because I always use the AI to help me slow down...If you know what I mean lol

system221493d ago

agreed. i like the fact that in forza you can damage your car to the point of not even being able to realistically finish a race but it kinda seems more like they dollop damage into areas that make sense and then kinda just slow the car down. i think its great that things like alignment etc get knocked off but imagine if your tires were blown or blew while racing. that would be some dramatic stuff to deal with and would add more realism

Hellsvacancy1493d ago

We need a next gen Destruction Derby, how I miss those games for my car wrecking needs

WeAreLegion1493d ago

If you have destruction, you can't use real brands. Manufacturers don't like to see their cars get destroyed, especially if the damage doesn't accurately portray real safety features. You would have to go with generic cars for damage modeling, so it's a trade-off.

strangeaeon1493d ago

I agree on the damage, so far it all looks like crumpled tinfoil rather than realistic metal/plastic body panels.

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3-4-51493d ago

Didn't play H1, can't wait for this.

Hopefully this helps them "experiement" with ideas that can/could be used in Forza 6.

* Forza 6 Needs:

* Auction House - Half the time I spent with Forza was designing my own cars and selling them.

- Such a good feeling booting up the game and seeing that 5-6 of your cars have sold and you made a decent profit and now you can get that car you've been wanting.

^ I miss that.

* Also, OST in Forza 5 is beautiful, but there needs to be about 5-6 other genres of music in addition to the classical they have, which is done very well.

Any word on AH for Horizon 2 ?

GearSkiN1493d ago

Forza 5 OST sounds like GT, I'm not a fan.

oSHINSAo1493d ago

i Wish they could add real weather time if its raining in italy, it is in the game (in italy dah)... i wish this too in Sports Games

traumadisaster1493d ago

Started the original horizon again last night and man for the day it looks great, I really like music it gets me pumped. Weird thing this friggin 30fps deal I've become sensitive to it and it nags at me while I play. Kinda wish I was ignorant to it. Also since playin a lot of pc resolution is noticeable, not as bad in horizon cause aliasing is not bad. After I play last gen consoles awhile it goes away, but put grid2 in 4k in and hang it up.

2cents1493d ago

come'on Dan, just say it...

"yes I would love to have weather in Forza 6, lets just wait and see if we can achieve it."

Gotta love those evasive answers :)

I am really looking forward to cruising around Europe!