Retro Studios Hiring Several New Positions

"Recently, Retro Studios has been hiring on a pretty frequent basis. After releasing Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze in February, the studio has been completely silent on any of the other projects it has been working on. Retro continues to hire more personnel, however, including four new positions just this week" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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Geobros1494d ago

Great news! I cant wait to see Retro's next game....

3-4-51494d ago

3D Open World Action Platformer.

wonderfulmonkeyman1494d ago

A spiritual successor to DK64 would please me greatly, since 3D platforms have been scarce lately.
Failing that, a continuation of the Metroid series from where Prime 3 left off would be ideal; I want to see all that speculation, regarding the mysterious ship at the end of the credits, finally put to rest.

equal_youth1494d ago

yep. i like the 2d platformer approach but the wii u needs some more 3d adventures. i also would love to see a luigis mansion for wiiU and of course donkey kong. i would even appreciate a new star fox adventure game in fact i would appreciate every 3d platformer.

WeAreLegion1494d ago

I'd love to work for them! Retro is my favorite Nintendo team.

equal_youth1494d ago

who wouldn't love to work for nintendo? :D i myself live right next to piranha bite studios and have yet to try to get in ^^ but maybe after finishing risen 3 i will try to make my way in there and overtake em ^^

TheCagyDies1494d ago

They know how to make good games, they are from Texas.

Chrono1494d ago

Maybe they'll make Cranky Kong Returns.

mikel10151494d ago

Cranky Prime, Donkey Kong Country Frozen Heat

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