P.T. might just be the best game reveal of all time, because it's a game

You can keep your CG trailers, Dealspwn's Matt Gardner argues that P.T.'s interactive horror teaser might just be the best example of how to reveal a new game ever.

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vork771495d ago

Yes its a game just like Uncharted 4 and Bloodborn

Venox20081495d ago

just Uncharted 4 reveal was a trailer and not even a gameplay one

bennissimo1495d ago

The difference is, Bloodborne and Silent Hills will actually motivate me to do repeated playthroughs.

equal_youth1495d ago

i would love to see some more announcements like this.
one can dream so i say release a bloodborne demo right at tgs and make everyone happy :D

scark921495d ago

What I find most fascinating about it that its not a demo, but rather a game on its own that's purpose is to reveal the real game. I like the concept a whole lot!

equal_youth1495d ago

that is also a awesome way of trying new things and look how we as gamers react to it. so lets hope some devs jump on and try to experiment with that format.

spacedelete1495d ago

very interesting way of announcing a game. more games need to be announced like PT as gamers are rarely surprised nowadays.

FuzzyPixels1495d ago

I've always found it a bit weird that games are generally announced with a blurb and a trailer. Trailers can be cool, sure, but this is something else. Gaming is all about interaction, and though it won't work for every reveal or genre, this has been a huge, special, memorable success in hyping up Silent Hills.

rivencleft1495d ago

P.T. was one of the coolest demos i've ever played. I didn't realize what it was at first when I played it, but the graphics were so damn realistic I kept thinking how is this a game? So I decided to turn off the lights and tell my wife that she had to check out this cool game, needless to say she was sitting there with a pillow covering her eyes after a certain something was standing in the hallway, she was cursing me out. The game gave me the creeps like no other has, can't wait to see how they go with the final product. Other developers should definitely take note, this is how you tease a game.