Controversy Surrounding Rise of the Tomb Raider’s Exclusivity is Disgustingly Overexaggerated

Twinfinite: Is Rise of the Tomb Raider's timed Xbox exclusivity really as big a deal as it's being made out to be these days?

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Axios21433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I wonder if this was a big contriversy when Sony made the 2nd TR exclusive from Sega after the first TR release was multi platform?

Edit, thx for the comments below, I guess I should have used MGS, FF, Soul caliber and GTA SA.

SaveFerris1433d ago

Probably not as big because N4G wasn't around then.

nicksetzer11433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Or when sony bought GTA 3 - san andreas outright (not timed, unless 6 years later counts)

Soul caliber 3 (outright)

Final fantasy 7-10 (outright)

Etc, it's just a normal happening within the industry, obviously it sucks, but it's a business. This isn't the first time it's happened nor is it exclusive to one company.

BiggerBoss1433d ago

From Wikipedia: "Tomb raider 2 was no longer designed for the sega Saturn... Following the cancellation announcement, Adrian smith cited 'technical limitations' of the console to program an adequate version"

Sony did NOT pay to keep it exclusive, especially considering it was also released on Windows. It wasn't on N64 due to it using cartridges.

choujij1433d ago


Unfortunately, it seems they're only interested in propaganda.

LordMaim1433d ago

Statistically, Square Enix alienated 2/3 of their console fanbase and 100% of their PC fanbase with this move. Perhaps that's why people are talking about this so much.

BG115791433d ago

When a company uses dirty moves like this to artificially make their console desirable, it compels and unites PC users and Console user alike (except for xbox users) to cry out the infamy of their action.
It is deserved.

barb_wire1433d ago


Well, PS2 had sold 100mil consoles by the time SCIII came about, OG Xbox and GC had nowhere near those numbers.

FF VII-X - yeah, like to have seen how many cartridges VII would've been on.. blame Nintendo for that one, going with cartridges when the market was going CD.. wonderful business decision that was.

GTA SA - yeah, try harder troll.. release date on PS2 October 2004, release date on PC/Xbox June 2005 - ooh, 8 months. MS has done far worse last gen. Again try fucking harder.

nicksetzer11433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

@barb gta 3 - san andreas, you completely ignored all but san andreas .... we all know why, because otherwise your point is moot.

Regardless of any excuse you come up with Sony paid for all of those, maybe less due to those reasons. Not to mention games like hellblade, no man's sky and 1 year exclusive content on destiny. Just because you want to deny that MS is not the only one who does it, or that it's only bad under extremely specific scenarios, it's just not the reality.

nX1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

^lol now you're just making things up, bubble down for trolling!
Ninja Theory already explained why Hellblade is PS4 exclusive (and Sony didn't pay a cent) and you have no proof that Sony payed Rockstar to keep San Andreas PS2 exclusive, that's actually the first time I'm hearing this.

OT: Only ones not bothered by this are Xbox users... now they can brag about being the first to play Tomb Raider, woohoo´that's certainly worth supporting shady business tactics.

darthv721433d ago

@biggerboss "technical limitations" is just a fancy way of saying they got sweet talked into making it for the PS1.

Burning Rangers, Nights into Dreams and other Saturn games are much more graphically demanding than TR2.

plus there was that handy memory expansion cart that could have been put to use. It certainly makes a noticeable different in Marvel super heroes and that's just a fighting game.

BiggerBoss1433d ago

@darth. By the time TR 2 released, the Saturn was practically dead compared to the playstation. That combined with the fact that it was hard to program for; it's no wonder TR 2 didn't release on Saturn

vega2751433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I'll just leave these here

Now i understand why sonyfanboys keep saying rockstar owe them a game. Because of that "keep it off other systems (xbox)" payment deal they only kept exclusive for six months

BG115791433d ago

@vega275 You are saying that GTA III never came to xbox?

vega2751433d ago

@ BG11579

I really think you need to learn how to read a comment. Please look again at mines. In no way did I say it didnt come to xbox. I said and proved sony paid to keep it off the system but it only lasted 6 months.

Which is why sony fanboys keep claiming rock star owe them a game.

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Bennibop1433d ago

No there wasn't as by that time the Saturn was failing and most console gamers were with Sony or Nintendo.

carlosjrix1433d ago

Dont forget about soul calibur 3 (ps2) after sc2 was multiplat.. N4g loves to hate sony's competition these days.

WeAreLegion1433d ago

Why would Sony pay for that?

vega2751433d ago

@ wearelegion

Maybe the same reason they paid to keep GTA off xbox.

vega2751433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Double post

lelo1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

It's only really, really, really bad when Microsoft buys (timed) exclusives. When other companies do it, it's ok.

harrisk9541433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )


"I wonder if this was a big contriversy when Sony made the 2nd TR exclusive from Sega after the first TR release was multi platform?"

This is the same BS that people keep cutting and pasting all over N4G and several other gaming sites... It is not true that Sony paid to make TR2 exclusive. Like so many other games at the time, it was due to Nintendo's continued use of an outdated media -- Cartridges. The PS used CDs and that is the end of the story. The game also appeared on PC for those keeping score.

This issue with MS has to do more with the shady way that they have handled the reveal of the "exclusive" nature of the new TR game. Just like the way MS has handled itself since the XB1 reveal (actually, since the introduction of the original Kinect in the form of Project Natal) that is the problem. MS is not honest and is obfuscating the entire matter. MS, just stop with the double-talk and say that the game is a timed exclusive. MS, as a company, does this in all of its endeavors, not just in its video game unit, so it does not surprise me, but the backlash against them from not just gamers, but from websites that have normally been supportive of the XB platform is very telling (Eurogamer, IGN, Kotaku, Polygon, etc.) They are losing mindshare, which is very tough to come back from. Without 1st party support, MS cannot pull a comeback like Sony did with the PS3, no matter how much XB1 fans wish it to be so.

EDIT: What BiggerBoss and Lord Maim said above!

Boody-Bandit1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

^This man knows his history.
FACTS, FACTS, FACTS! AHHH! They drive fanboys BSC.

A lot of developers and publishers turned a blind eye to Sega (Saturn) and the N64 because of Nintendo's stubbornness not to go CD format and the Saturn being so hard to develop for.

What MS is doing is flat out shady and I'm not talking about with them against Sony but the PC. Just so those that read this know. I do own a PC gaming rig but do most of my gaming on the consoles. I also own the PS4 and X1 and have done most of my gaming the past decade plus on MS hardware. I'm just keeping it real.

Most PC gamers access gaming through MS OS. Now that is flat out F'd up. This wreaks of desperation. Especially when you consider TR:E sold significantly more (over 2:1 ratio, nearly 3:1) on the PS4 vs X1 and that the Tomb Raider franchise is not a system selling series.

So what's the point with this move? This is just lame and it makes MS look small and them still completely and utterly discombobulated trying to throw any and everything at the wall hoping something sticks.

Good luck with that MS. Meanwhile the gap is widening and widening and widening. Moves like this are not going to change that. MS needs their to create new IPs and rebuild consumer confidence. If anything moves like this usually end up hurting the devs and publishers that agree to them. Yes SE, I'm looking at you. Personally I hope it does. Greed should not be rewarded and most of the time it isn't. There are more examples of it blowing up in their faces than them making out for doing these lame deals.

And can we stop playing the whole "they started it, or it's okay when they did it". NO it's not and never was. Greed is tearing this industry apart and you'd have to be blind to the facts that MS played the biggest role in perpetuating the greed that exist today in the gaming industry. I give you XBL and Gears of War.

Just go back and revisit the riff between MS and Epic over MS wanting to charge for DLC and Epic being vehemently against it. If MS had their way with their initial vision for this generation? We would now be paying for having games piecemealed to us. Try and remember that because I sure as h3ll am never going to forget it.

Moves like this wont cause a dent. They usually end up doing the opposite. MS you have a consumer confidence problem and this surely wont help.

I personally will vote with my wallet and not purchase TROTR. I might rent it some day down the road. But I wont purchase it. I always let my wallet do the talking. As I do with almost all DLC. I can list on one (maybe I might need a 2nd but I'm pretty sure it's 1) hand how many times I purchased DLC since they started doing it in console gaming.

I wont purchase any DLC unless it's exceptional and really adds to the games I enjoy most. If more consumers were like me moves like this wouldn't happen in the first place. Move the industry forward my brothers and sisters. Don't divide and destroy! ;)

*puts soapbox away*

Boody-Bandit1433d ago

I had way too much caffeine this morning! ;)

Reddzfoxx1433d ago

People need to grow up. Its releasing first on Xbox one and if you want to play it then get an Xbox one. If you want to wait 6 months to a year when it releases for other formats then go ahead. If you want to further boycott the game and wait another 6 months... No one will stop you.

Everyone without a Xbox one need to put their "Big boy pants" on and move on. Its just a game.

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rmw2hot871433d ago

I'm b trying to tell people that its nothing new. This type of stuff happens.

harrisk9541433d ago

not in the manner that this has occurred.

Neonridr1433d ago

good article that brings up valid points.

i3eyond the Circle1433d ago

Build a bridge and get over it.

Alabamarolltide19901433d ago

It's cry me a river and get over it

incendy351433d ago

So much crying, so much drama.

demonddel1433d ago

That's all those station guy's do

Kane221433d ago

yea, its not like the pc fans were angry at all. just playstation...............

MCTJim1433d ago

Over 20 negative articles about it. I've never seen so much drama over one title. It's not like either company has never had things like this before. Seems like anything MS does is being called money hatting. I just don't understand as this is nothing new with either of the 2 companies.

meganick1433d ago

This is a actually a pretty unique situation. I can't remember the last time a game was announced to be multiplatform only to be changed to an exclusive (timed or not) months later. The exclusivity detail should have been made clear at E3.