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PS Vita Reviews have finished and reviewed the new RPG game for the PS Vita.

"Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is a huge game. Combining the remade Infinity Moment with the new Hollow Area and dozens of recruitable characters, this is a game that will last you a very long time to beat. While there are some frame drops in certain areas of the game, you will not find a game on the PS Vita with this much content and, with the 30-hour Update on the way, it will only give you more to do from there."

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Snookies121307d ago

Sweet! a 50-70 hour action RPG set in the SAO world? Sign me up!

Nonscpo1307d ago

Ugh digital only, why bandainamco do you really hate us that much?

dcj05241307d ago

What's wrong with digital?

Scatpants1306d ago

Takes up space on the hugely expensive memory cards. Luckily I just got a 64 gig card from Japan in the mail today.

SaffronCurse1306d ago

I prefer digital games on my vita anyway. Much more convenient to jump from game to game.

Inception1306d ago


If you want the cartridge, just import it from playasia. It have english subs.

Nonscpo1305d ago

Yes but not the DLC, which I have to get from an ASIA account that id have to create.

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Fullmetalevolust1307d ago

Glad this one is set up in in SAO and I hope they make the next one in ALO so that we can use magic spells.
I just dont care much for SAO2 at the moment, not sure why they went with guns...meh!

Soulscare1306d ago

I'm really enjoying SAO2 so far, but I've seen a lot of people complaining about it. I don't think its as good as SAO, but definitely a lot better than ALO imo.

Scatpants1306d ago

I think it's about to start getting good. I like Animes with tournaments in them. Those were always my favorite episodes of Dragonball.

TheGrimReaper1306d ago

They go with guns cause the author of the Manga chose this direction. Despite that, Kirito still uses a sword.

WeAreLegion1307d ago

If I haven't seen Sword Art Online yet, will I still be able to get into this story? Trust me. SAO is on my to-watch list, but there's only so much time in life.

SaffronCurse1306d ago

I don't think you'll need to watch the show in order to enjoy the game. However it will definitely enhance the experience if you did watch it (Which you should do!)

WeAreLegion1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

Alright alright. I'll watch the show as soon as I finish the first season of AoT. Thanks!

XSpike1306d ago (Edited 1306d ago )

The game comes with the PSP game which is the first part of the story, the story is slightly different then the anime. I wish they just picked up where SAO finished but you probably could pretend thats what happened

You'd still want to see the first part of the anime too get the whole story

TimeSkipLuffy1307d ago

cooooool!!!! Need this! :D

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