Afterglow AGU.1S Wireless Headset - Hardware Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

A lot of audio aficionados, me included, tend to be a bit skeptical about wireless audio devices. I for one tend to feel that wireless devices do not have the power to adequately push the drivers for the low frequencies (i.e. bass) and the mid frequencies (where the rich depth comes in). I will fully admit that I have heard some wireless devices provide some crystal clear highs that rival some of the better home audio devices that are readily available (read: affordable). When you are as big of a fan of audio as I am you tend to spend quite a bit of time picking apart different devices and playing with equalizers to get just the right sound out of the speakers. I find that, regardless of the device, I am able to tweak the EQ to just the right setting that all audio is good and as I sit back and ponder, I cannot think of a single audio device (speaker, headset, microphone) that I have plugged into a computer that I have been unhappy with. When I landed the chance to review the Afterglow AGU.1S wireless headset by PDP I was both eager and skeptical; after all, I personally have not had any experience with their audio devices not to mention, it was wireless. Like any good audio geek, I immediately checked out the specs, paying particular close to their drivers to see if I could take a guess at how it would sound.

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