Shadow Of Mordor – Season Pass Unveiled

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) and Monolith Productions today revealed the Season Pass for upcoming action game, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, showcasing exclusive content that will be available at participating retailers.

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DarkOcelet1462d ago

So my two most anticipated games get a season pass , this and the evil within , its a shame that 60$ isnt enough anymore .

vishmarx1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

yeah it sucks i know,
but on the bright side it shows devs have confidence in their game.
so at the very least the game we get for the initial $60 is more likely to be good

TheBurger291462d ago

Battlefield. That is all.

thorstein1462d ago

Sorry, but why does Guerilla Games have some sort of mojo that allows them to release map packs and DLC for free?

XtraTrstrL1462d ago

It's sh*t like this that gets people to go the route of piracy. They can't even wait 'til release anymore, they have to start showing out early.

XtraTrstrL1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Also, what makes it worse is: You just know that if this was back in the day of no hdd's in consoles(back when they actually cared about putting out a fully fleshed out product) they'd have jammed all these day 1 $$$DLCs$$$ into the disc.

Like games like Soul Calibur back on the Dreamcast, with all the ridiculous amount of extra content jammed in there. If that were to come out now by Namco, over 50% of that content would be day-1 & post-release $$$DLC$$$ content. Then they'd just lie like Crapcom does and say it was on a separate DLC budget, yeah, right. Like there's anyway to prove that, and even if there was, you don't do that. If it's done in time to go on the disc, you put it on the disc, especially when we're getting way less content than we use to get for $60, dirtbags.

Kane221462d ago

so pretty much if we want the "full game". its gonna cost more. cause you know $60 is "cheap"....

Pro_TactX1462d ago

Accounting for inflation, $60 today is as cheap as video games have ever been. I can't really blame them for trying to get more money when development costs are higher, but the retail price of games hasn't changed, except to reflect the devaluing of the Dollar.

papashango1462d ago

season pass...for a lotr game?


equal_youth1462d ago

i have never bought any season pass except for bf4 which was like a ticket to hell bought straight from satan himself. so i will keep my hands away from that type of crap for the rest of my life. if i want dlc which i am mostly not except for mp games that get repetitive over time i can buy one pack at a time. also this season pass for Shadow of mordor looks like it is really loose and not connected to the main story.

thorstein1462d ago

I completely agree with you. I did this for Black Ops II and (yes, I play Battlefield also) I felt rewarded by the content and map packs.

HOWEVER, there were still DLC packs that were not available to me. That is certainly a WTF moment. I basically had paid twice for one game and weapon skins and the like were all additional.

I didn't buy the BF4 season pass because the game was broken at launch. I was planning on it, but I played last night (probably for the last time) and saw teammates rubberbanding, I rubberbanded and it cost me two kills and the result was that I went suicide because of the RPG I had fired at the two guys standing side by side.

XtraTrstrL1462d ago

It's sad too, my friend got me into Battlefield around Bad Company 2, and I bought it on PS3. A main incentive was the fact that all map packs were free, as long as you had a non-used version and had your code. Otherwise, it cost only like $10 to unlock everything.

Then, soon as I get into BF, BF3 comes out trying to mimic COD. They brought the Premium, started charging for map packs, and brought them out back to back. So sad, I stopped playing BF right away after that. The whole reason to keep competitive mp map packs free in shooters is to not split up the community. So, when the 3rd or 4th map pack comes out you can still find matches in all modes after 11pm-12am+.

Which is what happens to me in COD always, cuz I refuse to give them any more money for their crappily optimized games, then suddenly I can't get in Kill Confirmed matches late night. Punished for not paying a WOW style subscription for some simple FPS matches.

MilkMan1462d ago

Nope, sorry.
Names of DLC just wont cut it.
I need to know, length of each of these DLC's as well.
and what they are specifically.
I'm tired of dishing out extra money for a fuqing fetch quest you finish in 5 minutes.
Stop milking my money bitches and stop being coy!

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The story is too old to be commented.