Silent Hills Playable Teaser Is Perhaps The Most Realistic Looking Game On PS4

"Earlier this week Kojima revealed his next project, Silent Hills. The game is under development at Kojima productions, along with collaboration from Guillermo del Toro."

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ThatEnglishDude1499d ago

And to think, Kojima announced they intentionally lowered the quality of the FOX Engine in attempt to throw people off and give it more of an 'indie' look.


GarrusVakarian1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

The lighting is especially good. Crazy to know that the graphics were intentionally downgraded. The final game should look amazing if the demo is anything to go by.

I didn't want to sleep tonight, anyway.

Manic20141499d ago

Damn, that looks scary..... and awesome.

DirtyLary1499d ago

Damn teaser got me. I actually yelled out on the 1st pop. Even knew it was coming.

GW2121499d ago

1) Played this with my headset on and lights off. My girl had to come check on me a few times because I, um, well... I screamed like a girl on more than one occasion.

2) I agree about the lighting, it was awesome. However, I thought the aliasing was average at best. Saw a good deal of flicker/shimmer on picture frames for example. Thoughts? Is that part of the intended downgrade? I'm sure it'll be fixed in the final game but it definitely stood out to me.

NovusTerminus1499d ago

Here I am trying to sleep in a dark room, and I look at pictures of this game...

GarrusVakarian1499d ago


Kojima did say that the demo was intentionally downgraded in terms of graphics, so it would make sense to assume the final game won't have as much aliasing ans shimmering.

vishmarx1499d ago

FOX ENGINE has mgs run at 1080p 60fps with one of the most realistic graphics and a massive open world.
imagine what its capable of when it renders one room at a time

harrisk9541499d ago

Scaries F'ing game (actually not even a game yet!) that I have ever played. Way scarier than Outlast, and that game freaked me out!

PLASTICA-MAN1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

It looks miles betetr than MGS5 because the latter is a cross-gen title and in all versions they use the same assets and last-gen techs (Kojima even confirmed didin't use even tesselation on any version even PS4 for parity), while Silent Hills is a full fledged current-gen game (and from what to be expected it may be a PS4 exclusive since it uses PS4 and Dualshock 4 features for gameplay and scare).

At Lukas: The ligthing is not realistic at all in this game , too much post-processing and other exagerated effects unlike other gamess i.e MGS5, but it doesn't mean it is bad, on the contrary, it was on purpose and the lighting itself such as it is seems sick and serves the game plot.

At GW12 : There are even intentitional screen tearing for scare purposes too.

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BiggerBoss1499d ago

Fox engine is definitely a looker. If ground zeroes is anything to go by then MGSV:TPP and Silent Hills will be amazing looking games

rivencleft1499d ago

Don't know if i've played any other games using the FOX engine but Ground Zeroes wasn't that pretty to me graphics wise, in my opinion of course, but P.T. was gorgeous, took me a bit to realize it was a game when I was watching the video at IGN.

rivencleft1499d ago

I was astonished at the graphics of this game, I first watched the guys at IGN play it while I was at work and kept thinking, is this a game they're playing or are they just putting commentary on a video, until I realized it was that P.T. game I quickly dl'ed on my PS4 and never touched. So after I got off work and got home around 10:30pm I told my wife, hey you gotta take a look at the graphics in this game, needless to say even though I knew what to expect from watching the video earlier it still creeped me the hell out, her even more, sitting on the bed with a pillow over her eyes, priceless. If the final product is anything near the P.T. graphics wise, it will definitely be one of if not THE best looking game on PS4.

TheCagyDies1499d ago

Fox Engine is just beautiful, too bad I don't get to play around with it when I take classes in college, only Unreal Engine 3 :(

WeAreLegion1499d ago

They have you guys on Unreal 3? We're working with Unity. I've heard it's an easy transition to Unreal 4.

TheCagyDies1499d ago

honestly, I just said Unreal 3 because I saw the Unreal 3 textbook in my professor's office. Maybe they provided more engines but it's been a while since I checked.


Hey Etack, quickly start learning UE4, UE5 is almost out (we are at 4.4 now and 4.5 will be out soon). UE4 is the closest engine you can get to Fox Engine.

WeAreLegion1499d ago

It's definitely gorgeous. Some parts look almost real. Some look good enough. As a whole, it's one of the best looking games on any platform.

mogwaii1499d ago

Im just flabbergasted at this whole p.t/silent hill thing, pure genius and the reception has been phenomenal, i think its safe to say silent hill is back. In a big way.

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