DayZ Standalone: How It Would Play On The PlayStation 4

"A fan has gone ahead and made a test of how the game would work on a DualShock controller."

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DLConspiracy1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I usually prefer controller as I am new to keyboard but when it comes to DayZ. You learn the keyboard. Now I prefer it. I wouldn't want to be limited. Lean in itself is actually Huge in the game. Not to mention the dragging , dropping and crafting inventory in tense situations makes the controller seem like a risk. Especially when in DayZ you have to grab loot off someone to survive. While I am sure it will be fine for some it will be limited for Most people in comparison.

thorstein1462d ago

The touch pad can be utilized for dragging and droping, but an easy click of say X to grab loot wouldn't be difficult.

DLConspiracy1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

You haven't played the game I take it. Its much more than press "x" to grab loot. When you are in a gun fight you have to sometimes craft items in a hurry. Every second counts. Dragging and dropping items on other items is a pretty consistent part of the game. I am not saying you couldn't use the touch pad it would just take longer than the mouse is all.

jackanderson19851462d ago

surely alot of those things can be put to certain toggles like "stand, crouch, prone" could be set to O for example... toggle run on/off by clicking in or even by how hard you press the stick forward....

PS4 also has the touch pad that could be used for alot

scark921462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

I wonder if a keyboard is supported with PS4, I remember you could play Unreal Tournament 3 with a keyboard on the PS3, and you could also use mods, if only more games on consoles had mod support xD

ShadowKingx1462d ago

i doubt there will be a drag and drop feature, more than likely it will click on box, click on items and then its goes in there. this is just simply not the way the controls will work. of course a keyboard and mouse will be easier here, because this game was designed for pc, its really different when they port it or rebuild it for console.