Project CARS - New Video Shows WIP Rain Effects

YouTube’s member ‘Darren White’ has released a new video, showing some new WIP rain effects for Project CARS.

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Am-No-Hero1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

No offense but DC looks better

Future_20151499d ago

No offense but i disagree and driveclub is 30fps which is a big no no for racing and no wheel support is a joke as well and no clutch

Am-No-Hero1499d ago

I'm with u on that but i was talking about the rain effects , for me and this is my opinion DC looks better . Now lets talk about the gameplay , I will tell you which one is better when we can play them !

30fps or 60fps its not the core of a game , you can't tell if the game is great from its " frames " !! nah I dont think so ..

darksky1499d ago

This is the problem with DC. They spent way to much resource on getting unnecessary details in the game such as how the rain splashes in the puddles,trees on the distant mountains, etc which no one will notice when driving past at 200mph.

That's why it's 30fps.

frostypants1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

"driveclub is 30fps which is a big no no for racing"

It's a big no no for twitch shooters. Racing games? 60fps is a nice to have.

john21499d ago

Keep in mind that this is a WIP effect, not final ;)

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system221499d ago

even if it does, which im not necessarily agreeing with, Project Cars will be a completely better package. DC is way too stripped down and simple, even if it does look pretty.

mrmonk1499d ago

Lookin good cant wait

crazychris41241499d ago

The wait is killing me for this game, hopefully its available on steam in October or November

totalrecoilzz1499d ago

i wanted to get this for ps4 but with no logitech support i suppose ill have to let my gtx 780 let rip on this game as it does look awesome....the only thing im worried about is player count online and hackers i just hope to god anti cheat of some kind is in the game.

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