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GR-UK writes: "If you've played it extensively on the PC then you've seen the significant stuff already, and it's not a straightforward recommendation. If you've got the old-gen version of Diablo III then there's just about enough to make it worth a return visit, though perhaps you might want to give it a little while until the price drops. If you've never played Diablo before, then now's the perfect time to get stuck in."

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Bio_Mod1500d ago

I was hoping this would arrive this morning but no, never mind roll on tomorrow.

PONTIAC08G8GT1500d ago

Anyone on the X1 getting it? Looking for a group to play with. Message me with your GT if you want to join up. Games going to be a lot of fun. I bought it for the 360 last year and played it a ton, but then lost interest with new games coming out. But the additional DLC, new game mode, new character, makes me want to get back into it again. I hate that its $60 but oh well. There haven't been many games lately to play so this should tie me over till Destiny.

King_of_Nothing1500d ago

I really want to get this game for either PS4 or Xb1. I just really wish there was a way to transfer my PC character to one of the consoles. I really dont want to do the 1-60 part again after grinding out all the Acts for so long.