Finally, a Wii with an attached hard drive!

Ripten's John Kershaw writes:

"Nintendo of Europe marketing director Laurent Fischer has been quoted by Edge magazine saying that only "geeks and otaku" have a problem with the Wii's 512MB of internal storage space."

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Bleem3603834d ago

Bit of a misleading heading though - I only bothered to click on it because I thought Ninty had announced one..

Woe is me..

Syko3835d ago

These guys are modding amateurs...Scotch tape?! Really!? Any modder worth his weight uses Duct Tape. lol

That picture is priceless.

Kakkoii3835d ago

When it comes to plastics, Scotch tape is actually a lot better. And also cleaner looking cause it's clear.

Plus it doesn't leave behind as much sticky paste when you remove the tape. If any.

lsujester3835d ago

Kakkoii = tape connoisseur

I bow to you, sir.

wardrox3835d ago

I used up my duct tape adding blu-ray support to my 360

chrstphr5673835d ago

Well untill nintendo starts thinking out of the box the old tape to the HDD trick is the only way to go.

ItsDubC3835d ago

Ghetto-rigging has its appeal. I'd be all about that design =D

Syko3835d ago

Hold on I think I know how you would cool it too...Follow me here.

I think you would get a 18" or so Box Fan, put it on cinder blocks to get it off the floor a little. Then set the Wii up on 2 Backyard type plastic chairs. Or something like that. lol ;)

ItsDubC3835d ago

LMAO you know too well that my trailer-trashiness is unmatched =)

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The story is too old to be commented.