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Tales of Xillia 2 recalls a time when the JRPG ruled consoles. The cores of a good JRPG are combat and story and Xillia 2 delivers on both fronts. The genre’s often let down by irritating characters and voice acting that makes you want to do a Van Gogh, but this isn’t the case with Xillia 2. Even the comic relief characters somehow defy conventions and don’t make you want to kill them.

The story revolves around alternate dimensions, with a backdrop of two opposite cultures – separated by a gash in the ocean – colliding and their attempts at coexisting. There’s Elympios, the continent of industry and technology, where people are slaves to their debts. The other culture is Rieze Maxia, a country whose citizens are spiritual and live off the land. Rieze Maxians look down on the use of technology, whilst Elympions fear Rieze Maxians because of their spiritual powers, which allow them to use special abilities called Spirit Artes.

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