‘Alien: Isolation needed a female protagonist’ says lead designer

For us, we never even thought about having a male lead,” he reveals. “From the beginning, we made our test bed, and our test bed had a female protagonist in it."

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PrivateRyan1312d ago

Good. More developers should think this way.

TimmyShire1312d ago

At least this guy admits that we shouldn't stifle creativity by forcing everyone to have female protagonists. I don't care either way, but it should be down to the developer - not because some people on the internet whine about it.

gamesTM_dom1312d ago

Absolutely! I'm all for a more open industry in terms of representation and equality, but when people try and force developers into sacrificing their creative freedom to cater their demands, everyone loses.

Gotta love Creative Assembly

origamikid1312d ago

Totally nailed it. It makes perfect sense for an authentic Alien game to focus in on a female protagonist, considering the heritage of the franchise, but that doesn't mean every single game should be forced to have one. It should always serve the story.

I'm looking forward to seeing how the DLC handles once you're in the boots of multiple characters in this world as well.

daveyscarb861312d ago

Also, a strong female lead has been a cornerstone of the film franchise over the years.