Sky HD App Coming to PS4 ‘Soon’

Sky support has confirmed that there will be a Sky HD TV app released for PlayStation 4 soon, but has also suggested that the same may not be true of the Xbox One. So there is a possibility that the app may be exclusive to the PS4 for UK Sky users.

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iamnsuperman1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

I doubt it is exclusive. Probably the same issue that has affected the BBC Iplayer app (whatever that is). I can only assume these companies just work on each app one at a time and going for the PS4 first make more sense (though it would make even more sense to release it all at the same time). I only assume this is the reason since apps on consoles seemed to be slowly released

frenchtoast1461d ago

Yeah it will probably be behind the pay wall on XBL

gaffyh1461d ago

Might not be the case now because they recently announced everything that was behind the pay wall is no longer behind the paywall, because they have lost ground to PS4.