Warframe Xbox One Launch Date Announced

Digital Extremes’ Warframe now has a release date on Xbox One. The free-to-play co-op shooter arrives on September 2nd. The news comes from a panel held by Digital Extremes at Gamescom 2014

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Axios21428d ago

Great news, tons of AAA, indie, and F2P as well.

Crazay1428d ago

Finally I'll be able to play the game one of my best friends has been working on for so long.

Godmars2901428d ago

Couldn't be bother, don't have the right rig, to play a F2P on PC?

Dread1428d ago

Godmars us such a hater its incredible. thx for ur continued crusade to downplay anything ms related.

ur a real sony trooper.

Crazay1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

@Mars... Kinda. Ya. I'm sure my. System can handle it fine I just prefer to game on consoles. Does that bother or impact you in some way?

MasterCornholio1428d ago

Is Warframe really FTP on Xbox One?

In curious because I thought you needed Gold to play it.

Stapleface1428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Yeah, but unless your trying to start some fanboy drama there is absolutely no reason to bring that up now is there?

edit: aww I offended some Sony fanboys. It's so cute.

poor_cus_of_games1428d ago

Knowing ms it's behind gold. That's why I've let my subscription run out. Ftp is ftp on ps4. No need for confusion.

shinrock1428d ago

All muti player is behind the paywall.

WilliamUsher1428d ago

It's free on PS4 and PC, but you need Xbox Live Gold to play it on Xbox One, so no it's not really F2P.

MasterCornholio1428d ago

"Yeah, but unless your trying to start some fanboy drama there is absolutely no reason to bring that up now is there?"

I wasn't trying to start anything I was just curious. I wasn't trying to bash the Xbox One or anything.

"aww I offended some Sony fanboys. It's so cute."

And your saying I'm trying to start something. Wow.

AngelicIceDiamond1428d ago

@Master At this point, I really don't see why it matters.

Its been this way on Xbox since forever. If you don't have gold you mostly likely don't play online just a bunch of single player. Or just watch Netflix and Hulu apps, TV etc.

There's a reason why certain users don't buy gold.

BX811428d ago

@poor cus
I honestly think thats a stupid reason to have xbl or psn. I dont care what they put behind this so called pay wall. We purchase psn and xbl to play online. Not to complain about what else you need xbl or psn for.

Volkama1428d ago

MS do not care for you if you do not subscribe. And really, why should they? They aren't raking in loads of profit from a non-subscriber's hardware purchase or (probably) 2nd hand games.

They will never say it as straight as that, but it is clear enough.

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poor_cus_of_games1428d ago

Axios weren't you the one trolling about the playstation only having ftp and indies. Now its ok? About time this came out. Haven't played it in months.


@poor_cus_of Games
I don't think anyone dislikes or hates indies, what people are laughing/trolling about is the fact that Sony is FOCUSING on indies. IMO with a new console generation starting, you should be selling us on the future possibilities of the console and providing us with content that was not possible on previous console, not FOCUSING on giving us games that can possibly run on last gen hardware/tablets and or cell phones.

Jubez1871428d ago

But when PS4 got this game everyone just said "indiestation" lololol

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user3672721428d ago (Edited 1428d ago )

Great news as I am hoping more indies like this one will come over from the Ps4 release. Hoping No Man's Sky get an announcement on XB1 soon. That is one game I am envious of from the Sony E3 briefing.

oSHINSAo1428d ago

indeed No Man´s Sky is the only game i like from the PS4 agenda, hope it could make it to Xone

SoapShoes1428d ago

Damn you people are so dumb... If you want the games, just get a PS4. Reminds me of the whiney people who complained about PS3 exclusives not being on 360.

XiMasterChief1428d ago

But aren't you people whinnying about Tomb Raider?

Chespin1428d ago

It is a repetitive game. Free to play isn't true with this one.

Stapleface1428d ago

I played it for free. What are you talking about? You can earn every item in that game. Yes I spent money eventually, but I do that for every F2p game that I play and enjoy. They put work in on something very fun so they deserve more than me just clicking download. But with Warframe there is absolutely no reason you HAVE to pay for anything.

Palitera1428d ago

Unless you wanna have any form of progress...

Stapleface1428d ago

I was able to run any mission in the Void I wanted to with the equipment that I earned. All I see is you complaining about your lack of skill in the game.

iceman061428d ago

It's absolutely true. The only requirements for payment are weapon and frame slots. Those can be paid for with platinum that you can earn from TRADING. I have spent well over 500 hours on this game, earned every frame, and spent $17. I think it was well worth it for the time and co-op fun that I had. Not everybody will like the game. The best thing to be said is that you are only scratching the surface by leveling up one character. This game really can't be completely judged in a couple of hours. (aside from whether or not you like the mechanics themselves.)

Dlacy13g1428d ago

I am definitely looking forward to trying this. I doubt it takes over vs games like COD or Halo ...even Titanfall but it will be nice to have something different

neocores1428d ago

I thought xbox people did not want this game?
Now that it coming Best Game Ever

riverstars861428d ago

Only 4 F2P games I'm looking forward to, Planetside 2, Day Z, H1Z1, and Everquest Next.

Never got into War Frame, but I'm sure Xbox One players will enjoy it until the big hitters come out this Fall.

maniacmayhem1428d ago

Yea, going through all the pages of these comments that's the same conclusion I came too.

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