Assassin's Creed producer would love to make an MMO

Assassin's Creed Unity lead producer Vincent Pontibrand says it would be a "dream" to create an MMO based around the franchise's different storylines.

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TimeSkipLuffy1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

AC would be awesome as MMORPG. DLCs could be as expansive as a whole game like unity including a new city to explore :D
I could have my own residence in a city of choice, have some income and expand to further cities *___*

thetamer1433d ago

I'd be interested to see how they'd do it. Also, Ubi don't have an MMO, the Assassin's franchise might just be the ticket, but what would the classes be? Templar's and Assassin's only? And then sub categorised into specifics like Hunter, Medic, Tank etc?

TimeSkipLuffy1433d ago

It does not necessarily need to have classes. You can start as a greenhorn and just level up through experience to get better weapons and techniques. It does not really need all RPG elements.

thetamer1433d ago

There was talk of Ubisoft hiring for an MMO project early in 2012 if I recall. Could it be that this is what they're doing?