Ars Technica: MGS4 impressions: a movie's worth in four hours

Ars technica writes: "I'm four hours deep into Metal Gear Solid 4, and since we're not under review embargoes or requirements, I'm free to give you some earnest impressions of my early time with the game. While I don't want to spoil any surprises with relation to the plot, let me say this of the cut-scene length right off the bat: in the four hours or so I've clocked so far, I'd say only about an hour total has been spent actually playing.

In the beginning act, game play comes in short bursts: you'll play through a small area, watch a cut-scene, move through a small area, watch a cut-scene, listen to a coded conversation, watch a cut-scene, move through a slightly less small area, and so forth. Though the actual narrative's pace and the action itself moves at a fast clip, you'll know from the get-go that you're in a Metal Gear game."

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