Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor – Exclusive PlayStation Pre-order Extras Detailed

Mordor is a treacherous land. It has no shortage of bloodthirsty warriors waiting to take their shot at you, and for those of you that pre-order Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for PlayStation, some of the greatest champions of the Dark Lord’s legions will be unleashed.

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Simco8761375d ago

Man after you start buying games on sale, I can't even think about buying something full price anymore. Will pick this up when it becomes 50% off. Love LotR though!

Meltic1375d ago

Steam sales is good sometimes. Or switch ur old ps4 games out and buy it cheaper

RoninRaven1375d ago

Exclusive, Pre-Order, Extras, Iconic, Revolutionary, Next-Gen, all words that make my ears bleed lately.

DaleCooper1375d ago

Mine too, and I'll add: Immersive, content, and emergent gameplay.

qwerty6761375d ago

wait i was told here only Microsoft bought exclusive content?

RoninRaven1375d ago

Why were misinformed my friend, this generation Microsoft is playing catch-up...