Would you Sand Down your New-Gen Consoles?

There's a new fad starting to gain traction. You take your shiny plastic electronic devices, sand them down and leave them looking like brushed aluminium. It's not an unpleasant change, but one that could be so easily screwed up. Here's the question: would you risk taking sand paper to your brand new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

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Insomnia_841460d ago

Cool! I love my shiny black consoles though.

VealParmHero1460d ago

It is really cool, and if I had a choice at the time of purchase, I'd prob go brushed look. But I would not attempt this or pay someone for it. Does look nice tho

SolidStoner1459d ago

Someone could be lazy enough to spill glue or something else on it, or it might be old and scratched.. only then I would use sand paper...

VealParmHero1459d ago

@tvensky, yes then I think it would make sense. I had a broken up 360 a while back that worked but was in bad shape. So I decided to spray paint the casing....why not lol. But when new and good condition, no way

Bobby Kotex1460d ago

This could work in some situations, but I like how the matte part of the PS4 contrasts with the glossy.

LoTuZ1460d ago

I might plastidip mine.

VealParmHero1460d ago

what would be cool is a decal set that could mimic this look, or other looks, while not being permanent. I'm pretty sure that kind of thing exists, just not yet for these consoles

nucky641460d ago

no - I wouldn't. I didn't pay 268 dollars to sand off the shiny look of my ps4.

Ripsta7th1460d ago

Only the case is shiny also, if something happens to mine im happy to know i can replace it

HammadTheBeast1460d ago

How'd you get a PS4 for $268?

nucky641460d ago Show
Clown_Syndr0me1460d ago

I would as I'm confident in my abilities, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to someone who isn't.
However I would only be sanding to repaint, but I do have experience.

n4rc1460d ago

Same.. Probably not something you should undertake unless you know what you're doing

fattyuk1460d ago

As someone who spray paints cars for a living it would be quite a simple process for me,

danny8181460d ago

if I mess up im going to repaint. What kind of paint do you use or buy?

rainslacker1460d ago (Edited 1460d ago )

Depends on how much you want to spend. Modeling paint(Testers) is fairly cheap, or you could buy car paint, more expensive, but has a nicer look overall. Both these methods work best with an air sprayer, and I wouldn't use a brush.

If you want it something more simple, you could use rustoleum. If you do that you may want a plastic paint primer though.

Biggest advice I could give on doing something like this is don't overdo it. Sanding(which isn't really what this guy was doing), is easy to do a little more of, but would be practically impossible to get a bad job to go away without some real knowledge on it.

nitus101459d ago

Doing modifications even though cosmetic to their gaming machine would most likely blow the warranty. Still if owner is happy with this then go ahead.

Clown_Syndr0me1459d ago

It sure does, Id like to think anyone who has the capablities to attempt such a mod would be aware of the obvious warranty void.
Still, I wonder how many people have tried to return painted consoles and whether they were ever successful?

bub161460d ago

I'd love to do this to all that shiny plastic stuff!! BUTTTTT I don't trust myself lol, I know I would mess it up somewhere

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