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Star Citizen reached the $50 million milestone

Cloud Imperium Games' Star Citizen reached $50 million in funding, which means that aliens languages will soon be implemented. (Dev, PC, Star Citizen)

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Ezz2013  +   343d ago
they needed 50million to make Aliens languages ?!

give me just 1million
and i will bring you the most strange languages you ever heard ...from my baby sister
Sennacherib  +   343d ago
XB1_PS4  +   343d ago
They're going to be actual learnable languages. Which is awesome. Can't wait for this game and all it's overfunded glory.
pandehz  +   343d ago
Learnable languages?

Dam im not that smart. Im having trouble with French lately.
Infinity_Rasta  +   343d ago
If you know anything about their donation system, you would know that it's only from 49 mil. to 50 mil. that is used for the alien language, so yeah they actually going to use just a million.
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Neixus  +   343d ago
No, they don't need that much.

It's just a milestone, the alien stuff is just a bonus.
SaveFerris  +   343d ago
Strewth! The expectations for this game have got to be very high considering the amount of money pledged to the game.
imt558  +   343d ago
Microsoft, buy this game. You have 50 million $.
Scark92  +   343d ago
and anger PC fans worldwide, not a good move.
Malphite  +   343d ago
Yeah. Especially after PC gamers have spent $50 million dollars on that game. Microsoft would have to be borderline suicidal to pull off such a stunt especially after the Tomb Raider fiasco.
mrdeli  +   343d ago
No, they spent that last gen on Ballad of Gay Tony.
MasterCornholio  +   343d ago
Holy moly.

Drithe  +   343d ago
Star Citizen may end up being one of the greatest scams in history.
Ezz2013  +   343d ago
man if that happen
that will be a day no one will ever forget
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Scark92  +   343d ago
Lol, it does look quite ambitious, I doubt it will be but it would be an interesting event.
BattleN  +   343d ago
Was thinking the saame thing. 50 million is ridiculous for a kickstarter game! I bet they pocket alot of it!
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cyril sneer  +   343d ago
I wouldn't call it ridiculous when you see what will be in it when they are done.I mean what other game offers you to be able to do space exploration,trading,planetary exploration,fps action,spaceship racing,dog fighting and much more all with amazing graphics to boot.

What i would call ridiculous is how much activision is spending on destiny with less stuff to do than star citizen.
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thezeldadoth  +   343d ago
i'm in the beta, its shaping up quite well, not a scam
Hassassin  +   342d ago
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   343d ago
Oh , i know you would love that to happen. But sorry , its most likely not going to.It just breaks you from the inside when you see somethining that good will never come to your console, lol.
Drithe  +   343d ago
The PC Master Race has spoken!
Gatsu  +   343d ago
50 million omg, that's really amazing :D!
modesign  +   343d ago
to celebrate the milestone,the game was pushed back to 2017.

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