UK Weekly Gaming Charts - Week ending 16 August 2014

It’s no surprise that The Last of Us: Remastered and Watch Dogs both hold onto 1 & 2 - Week ending 16 August 2014

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Strangelover1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

I still doubt TLOUR sold 1,5 million copies in 24 hours, I'll wait for the official numbers

Kurisu1248d ago

I don't think we ever get official numbers for UK, just rankings.

Kayant1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

Nah there is numbers also -

It sold 18,630 this week to be top.

Edit -

Well I should people can work out the numbers based on the percentage.

Inzo1248d ago

Wow, TLOU looking good, I wonder if it will come close to PS3 sales, one thing is for sure, Sony and ND are sitting with big fat grins on their faces right now.

Blueraven3161248d ago

It should do great but I don't think it'll be anywhere near the ps3 numbers. The installed isn't as high for ps4 right now like it was for ps3 when it was released

ArchangelMike1248d ago

I think TLOU:R will do better than TLOU PS3 numbers if you project the weekly sales of the PS4 version vs. the weekly sales of the PS3 version.

Basically I think it is selling better on PS4, i.e at a faster rate that it did on PS3, and by the time it's been out for a year or so, I beleive it will have higher numbers on PS4.

GribbleGrunger1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )

It's very unlikely considering it sold 7 million on an install base of 83 million. Overall, TLOU (on both consoles) will probably sell around 10m copies, which is great.

qwerty6761248d ago

how the heck is titanfall and forza 5 still high on the list lol.

Axios21248d ago

They have been doing very well, quite impressive for a launch game and a online-only game from last winter.

Blueraven3161248d ago

Mario kart already falling down the charts. Kidtendo is in trouble. Another week of sony domination.

Whitey2k1248d ago

mario kart proper slumped on the wii u

Knushwood Butt1248d ago

Yeah, there ain't no evergreen when the install base is low, and the Wii U doesn't have its, 'Wii Sports', this time around to keep shifting hardware.

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