Ninja Theory: Don't call Hellblade Heavenly Sword 2

Last week UK developer Ninja Theory unveiled its new game, Hellblade, during Sony's press conference.

It did so with a trailer that showed off a character that reminded some of one of Ninja Theory's old games: Heavenly Sword.

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Ares84HU1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Let's see some gameplay first. But, looks like a female hero with a sword in a fantasy setting. Yep, sounds like Heavenly Sword 2 alright.

It's not a bad thing necessarily because so far that is the best game they made. So they should be proud.

-Foxtrot1434d ago

Not to mention it looks like a grown up Kai...the similarities are uncanny

Torque_CS_Lewith1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Plus both are about a bladed weapon named after an afterlife destination.

Sheikh Yerbouti1434d ago


Kai was left with the sword when Nariko died, right!? First thing I thought when I saw the me so giddy!! Close-second favorite PS3 IP exclusive after inFamous.

Tony-Red-Grave1434d ago

I find it funny that the heading invites some amounts of flamebaiting. In the article what they ment by "don't call it heavenly sword" is that there are no ties between the games. It's a new IP with a new character(s). Unlike the souls games which have a small connection between them, but are themselves spinoffs(?) of kings field.

gangsta_red1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

"...a female hero with a sword in a fantasy setting."

You just damn near generalized every video game ever.

Hence why I said "damn near"...

Godmars2901434d ago

Except for the ones with guys in them. Also forgot about guns.

Ares84HU1434d ago

Really? There are a few games like that but it's far from every video game ever.

gangsta_red1434d ago

Hence why I said "damn near"...

Ares84HU1434d ago

But it's not even "damn near". There are only a handful of games that feature a woman hero with a sword in a fantasy setting.

windblowsagain1434d ago

Wow really, How many girls have swords.

Ninja theory need to spread there wings imo.

Sony own the I.P to HS anyway. Just like resistance. I want other teams to work on those games.

NT would be best being quiet. They tend to piss people off.

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Gatsu1434d ago

At first I thought it was Heavenly Sword 2, because of the female character's looks. And well, the name isn't much different either. Looking forward to seeing some gameplay footage of HB :).

nucky641434d ago

from the article:
""The great thing is we find ourselves in a situation where digital distribution and self-publishing allows us to make something where we don't have to pretend it's for a massive audience," Matthews says. "This is something for people who like combat games, story games and like what we do."

I love this statement. I wish more devs made games with this thinking. too many games are trying to do too much and it ends up like CoD - half-baked MP and sh1t SP.
I'm even more excited for hellblade now!

WeAreLegion1434d ago

Then make a different character model. It looks just like Kai.

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