The Last of Us’ Departed Art Director Nate Wells Rejoins Naughty Dog

The Last of Us‘ Art Director Nate Wells was reported to have left Naughty Dog back in April to join Giant Sparrow Games and work on a new game, but apparently he couldn’t stay away from the kennel very long, as his Linkedin Profile now has changed to show him back at the house of Uncharted with a new Lead Artist role.


Update: Wells' Linkedin profile was updated again this evening, stating that he's "currently between careers." We don't know why the profile was previously indicating him as working at Naughty Dog, but we can only presume that it was a mistake.

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BigBosss1492d ago

Welcome back Nate Wells :)

Ezz20131492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Someone leave Naughty Dog
The Gaming Media :

Someone Join or Re-Join Naughty Dog
The Gaming Media:

MightyNoX1492d ago

The prodigal son returns.

Ballsack1492d ago

There were an absurd amount of doom articles regarding his departure

Now let's see how many articles there will be about his return

Lightning Mr Bubbles1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Good, cause they gonna need everything they can get to pull off The Last of US 2, that is a massive massive game. The story alone is just... "award winning novel quality" for lack of better terms.

The story alone packs more punch than the entire gaming experiences of Halo 5,Call of Duty Advanced warfare, Silent Hills, Bloodborne, the order, Dead Island 2, Dying light, Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy 15, Alien Isolation and Metal Gear the phantom pain combined.

Shit, that's a lot of games, I know.

b163o11492d ago

He probably took a look at what everybody else was doing and said uuuuummmmm I think I'm going back home...just an opinion

uptownsoul1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Welcome Back Nate!!! **Sings the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song**

nX1492d ago

I still don't understand why anybody would like to leave Naughty Dog, it's the most respected developer in the industry. I would live there if they let me ;D

jimjam34421492d ago

@Lightning mr bubbles

shut the f?$6 up.

InTheLab1492d ago

I'm sure they'll just spin it like...

"Lead artist at ND is replaced. Is there trouble at ND?"

Kidmyst1492d ago

Don't forget the PS4 is in trouble one's because people were leaving Sony Developers. Those stopped quickly once NPD numbers starting coming out.

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Doritos_Pope1492d ago

Awesome! watch mainstream media that whored out articles on his departure not write a follow up saying he returned.

WilliamUsher1492d ago

Does low-stream media count?

pinkcrocodile751492d ago

I don't see the point of this article.

A guy leaves a company and then comes back. Why is this news?

If I'm missing a reason as to why this is important, please someone tell me why?

nX1492d ago

Media made it "important" when he left a few months ago. Naughty Dog was doomed back then, imagine what would've happened if he wouldn't come back... nightmares haunt me till this day, now I can finally rest in peace.

pinkcrocodile751492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I take it he is the the new Jesus / Alah / Random fairytale then?... or is he just a bloke that works for a company that made a game that people really like?

This "Nathan" must be really embarrassed, I know I would be!

nX1492d ago

He's the black Frank White, he made the ten crack commandments. Y u no worship him?

MuhammadJA1492d ago

Because N4G can now easily sleep at night knowing that their God is not tampered with.

western3331490d ago

PinkCroc if brains were dynamite you wouldn't have enough to blow your wig off.

If you asked me how to fly a kite, i would tell you to run off the end of a cliff.

pinkcrocodile751490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )


If I had said something stupid or made an uneducated statement I would agree with your comment.

But seeing as I ASKED A QUESTION as to why the topic of a mans employment to a studio is of such importance that is warrants it's own topic of discussion, I fail to see how that makes thick?

Maybe you can enlighten the group as to why my QUESTION was so unintelligent.

To that end I'll ask the question again.

Why is this mans employment SO important. If there is a reason why, please let me know

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chrissx1492d ago

Welcome back Nate, now let's make more ND games :3

DeletedAcc1492d ago

Nate's comeback?
How ironic

Merrill1492d ago

Explain the irony, please.

nucky641492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

what's the name of the lead character in the uncharted games?????

LordMaim1492d ago

That's a coincidence, unless you're Alanis Morissette.

ziggurcat1492d ago

that didn't take long hahaha.

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