H1Z1 Airdrops feature revealed - Chaos will commence

Airdrops has been revealed as the latest feature in H1Z1 by SOE during SOE Live in Vegas this weekend, something that is sure to cause a ton of chaos between survivors in the zombie apocalypse.

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Sillicur1435d ago

Same, the game looks so solid already, hopefully they can pull off something special!

GabeSA1435d ago

Zombie games for me have run their course, as much as TV shows have that are based on the Apocolypse. Maybe, just maybe this will add new "life" to the "dead" franchise.

Sillicur1435d ago

To each his own, I still love every one of the zombie games/series coming out, just something about the apocalypse that makes me happy oO :)

Zaphire1435d ago

Will be one good clan social game to play!

Pillsbury11435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

The psychological aspect is what intrigues some individuals to zombie games. What kind of a human will you become when you aren't confined by conventional rules? That and I like smash zombie. :)

This game can't come soon enough...

Sillicur1435d ago

Agreed, psychological apects is a big draw for me as well. I always thought i would be passive, yet more and more i feel as if i will go the kill or be killed route.

Which platform will you be playing it on?

Pillsbury11435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

Ps4 as I do not have a powerful enough rig to run this on pc. I think I would be more of the rick grimes type, start off nice then realize you have to do what it takes.

I am also really into survival IRL. Bug out bags, plans, etc.

HanCilliers1435d ago

I was just wondering about that. We are fascinated by the whole survival/zombie idea and I think you hit it spot on.

SonZeRo1435d ago

mmmm more zombie games, a distraction while zombies eat your brains.

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