Which One is Better? Vita vs. 3DS XL

Which hand held will survive the ultimate battle?

Welcome to Thunderdome! Two handheld gaming devices enter! One handheld gaming device leaves! One of these systems will crush its enemy, see it driven before it and hear the lamentations of the women. The other will be spat upon, cursed by all good people and thrown into a fire… never to be spoken of again. This is as real as it gets. This is the first round and the last round of a one round death match. This is Foreman and Ali. This is Rocky versus Drago. This is Peyton Manning versus Russell Wilson. Today we decide the ultimate fate of handheld gaming for everyone and for all time! Let Mortal Kombat and the accusations that I write click bait articles begin!

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MrSwankSinatra1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Vita is better machine overall than the 3DS. It has a better online infrastructure, better user interface, it's has better screen, dual analogs built in, etc. Though when it comes to game library the 3DS outclasses the Vita easily.

Ballsack1493d ago


Vita much superior hardware

Software 3ds destroys vita

NewMonday1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

agree 3DS is a clear first option, Vita still a solid second. worth it for me to own both.

BVFTW1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Agree with Mr.NewMonday, I have both platforms and I enjoy my 3ds more but the best current portable generation game I've played is Tearaway, it's that special, I enjoyed gravity rush as well and gave me the vibe that I was playing a classic PS2 game but I have to say that 3ds has so much damn good games that it is the platform I recommend and Mario Kart 7 is "the game" XD it just leaves the system when a new game arrives and it always comes back! I just wish for more mainstream support for the vita because is a great system overall and like NewMonday said up there, is a solid second.

mcstorm1493d ago

I agree. I felt really let down by by the games on the PSV. Got both the PSV and 3DS on day one but I have now sold my PSV due to lack of games I wanted on it.

Hardware is amazing so is the software on the console but as a games machine the 3DS has it beat all over the park due to the vast amount of games on the console compared to the Vita.

To me it feels like Sony are pushing it as a remote console to the PS4 not rather than a handheld game console.

wheresmymonkey1493d ago

The prblem is that Remote play is incredibly hit and miss. Unless the dev specifically remap the controls so that the touchpad isn't used for l2/r2 some games are almost unplayable as a result.

mcstorm1493d ago

I never used it for remote paly as I sold my PSV late last year and not picked up a PS4 yet im waiting for more of the games I want to come out for it.

I like the idea of the remote play but on the flip side it has too many complex sides too it like internet speed, Signal ect. I would not look to use remote play at home as ide want to play my games on the TV but I can see some people wanting to use it.

I also tend to play on my handheld consoles when im out and about more when im on the train and remote play would be no good on this too because of signal drop ect.

eferreira1493d ago

3ds has a great library but for me so far this year I've purchased one 3ds game and many for the vita. So Vita takes it.

isarai1493d ago

Hell yeah, i love my Vita, but i'm always glaring at the 3DS when my vita isn't looking thinking "just get release some more great exclusives and i'm all over that!"

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nope1111494d ago

Vita. Better hardware, better online, better games, better looking, awesome PSN discounts.

TedCruzsTaint1493d ago

Better games?

I'll give that the Vita is superior on a technical level. There's no denying that.
You just have to look to places such as Metacritic and Wikipedia to see how massive the 3DS library is as compared to the Vita.
Do I believe you don't actually prefer your Vita library to that of the 3DS? No. Or else you wouldn't have made that comment in the first place.
At the same time, you are arguing for the library of a system who, day after day here on N4G, sees articles asking whether or not developers, even Sony, realize the thing exists. In comparison to the 3DS that has a ton of 3rd party and 1st party support.

At the end of the day, I am a gamer and I am here for the games. Being even a PC gamer, it's games over graphics and the 3DS has the games.

cluckey071493d ago

Vita does have better games. Yes it has a smaller library. But the games are better That's it's big system seller and only games usually worth buying on a nintendo handheld.. Vita has nothing comparable.

BiggerBoss1493d ago

@cluckey, vita has better console style games definitely (let me know when 3ds can play borderlands 2), but 3ds has a much larger variety of games that are popular with the handheld market. I mean it has Pokemon for gods sake, that alone pretty much guarantees millions of sales

TedCruzsTaint1493d ago


Here; I made it easier for you

I am not here to argue the personal opinions of every gamer on this site.
Both have highly rated games. Though Nintendo has more and much more exclusive content, whereas the Vita feeds off of indie titles often found on PC and consoles.

BrandanT1494d ago

Vita is better hardware wise by a lot. The 3DS though, it's more durable than the vita which is actually a very important thing for handhelds (My brother accidentally knocked mine out of my hand, picked it up like nothing happened). The 3DS online is lacking but, what's the point? You're not going to have any real internet connection outside of home unless the Vita is meant to be at home. It's literally meant to be a device to be used out of home. The 3DS's UI is very simplistic, which is exactly the way an UI is suppose to be. The games are great, and are designed differently from console games. They're designed to be played in short bursts.

VSVP1494d ago

Vita is an amazing device and beats 3DS on almost every front.. sadly 3DS gets wayy more dev love. Meanwhile Sony is neglecting vita like anything. Hope it changes.

Ripsta7th1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Wow this is easy, 3DS XL owns vita on the game department , and being BC helps it.
The vita has the graphics though. I dont think ill ever see a game on the 3ds looks as good as vita games.
If i only had one option id go with the 3ds though, it has games exclusively made for it that you wont find on home consoles unlike the vita which shares a similar library as the ps3.

dcj05241493d ago

I disagree with the games part. Having dual analog sticks is HUGE. Seriously, you cant enjoy Killzone, Uncharted,Soul Sacrifice, God Eater, Freedom Wars, Assassin's creed, and many Indies on the 3DS. For one the controls would be crap not even accounting for performance or graphics. Second the VITA gets a lot more unique games while on the 3DS I mainly get what I got on the DS(which is not a bad thing). The Vita's problem is memory card price and advertising, not games.

BenRage31493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

But the 3ds does support dual analogs. It may not be standard for each game, but it does exist and it makes the games that support it that much better.

But when comparing games, there is no contest. The games you mentioned are console style games, which is an experience you can find elsewhere. Animal Crossing, Tomodachi Life, Pokemon, Luigi's Mansion, Kid Icarus, Zelda Link Between Worlds are amazing; each one of those is a unique experience you cannot find anywhere else. Streetpass, and spotpass are wonderful additions and a way to get free dlc, which gives the 3ds the edge. The Vita is a worthy contender and I'm not trying to take anything away from it.