Xbox One August Firmware Available For Download Now, "Includes Improved Social Features

Microsoft has just started rolling out August firmware for Xbox One for fans around the world. The update adds numerous improved social which will make Xbox One owners sharing their gaming experience with friends better and easier.

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AngelicIceDiamond1373d ago

This is gonna be a very nice download.

Barnaby-Jones1373d ago

Pretty cool update. Hopefully we get themes in the next one.

gamer11381373d ago

First thing i did was plug in a USB and watch some films! Nice one Microsoft.

jackanderson19851373d ago

that's kinda impressive of you since this particular update didn't bring the USB support... the September preview one did but that's on the rollout since Friday so maybe that's what you're referring to

JeffGUNZ1372d ago

Yeah, It's cool to get the Beta for the next month before the official update of the month you're on now. I just got the Sept. preview, it's nice.

gamer11381370d ago

I'm a beta tester. I have access to it. Don't tell me what I have and haven't done. I'm actually watching something from USB right now!

TimeSkipLuffy1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Once they got mkv implemented I gonna use it as a media center! I wish my PS4 could do that because it is still my No.1 console but I can't wait for Sony to work their ass off for their customers.

My most wanted features for my PS4:
1. external hd support for games (also being able to move existing games to the external hard drive) - This feature might not come at all because Sony will argument that you can change the internal harddrive... 2TB is the limit... and mine will get full very fast!

2. playback of various media formats like mkv!

Lenrulesdaworld1372d ago

Ha greatness awaits right jk...i kid i kid

dansdooz1372d ago

Thought this was about the xb1.... ;-)

turdburgler10801372d ago

I highly doubt sony will want to give it's users mkv support because they would lose money to piracy. MS doesn't have a music and film division unlike sony. If they do give it it will have that stupid cineva or whatever it's called that blocks out content from Sony and their partners.

TimeSkipLuffy1372d ago

well, A friends Sony bdp-s380 BluRay player does support mkv... I don't see why they would implement it there but not in the PS4

Xbot12141372d ago

i agree never thought of it like that, that would mean sony is thinking of pulling a "180" just like xbox one did......

ShowanW1372d ago

I'm in the preview program. This is one of the smaller updates for the One.

I currently have the September update. September being a bigger, better update. External Media support actually works much better than expected.

Don't worry PS4 fans (I have one of those as well) Sony is working to give us some decent features in the coming months (well that's what they said at least) lets hope it to be true.

VINNIEPAZ1372d ago

I love on this site that even saying anything nice about MS has to be followed by some Sony love. Like they are going to look bad if they just give MS props and not Sony LOLOL

Cant wait for the USB Sept update though. Oh and dont worry guys I also have a PS4 and a Vita!

Xbot12141372d ago

been waiting for those sony updates, and i keep telling myself its coming, ill be on the next firmware update... *sigh*

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