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Nintendo Stocks Surge With Mario Kart 8 Sales and Pokemon Card Game for IPad Announced

Nintendo's financial situation starts to look a little brighter. (3DS, Mario Kart 8, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

Pillsbury1  +   29d ago
Pokemon tcg on ipad might just be the game to get me to play much more on ipad if done correctly.
Snookies12  +   29d ago
If it's anything like the original game, I'm excited to play it. Even if it is on iPad...

So long as there are no micro-transactions or BS like that.
Pillsbury1  +   28d ago
I hope it's done kind of like hearthstone, even though I haven't played it from what I have heard the microtransactions aren't so bad.
thehobbyist  +   28d ago
There's gonna be micro-transactions. How do you expect to buy card packs?
ritsuka666  +   28d ago
'''over 1 million copies of Mario Kart 8 sold in the US alone'''

But but WII U is deadddd!! Right guys?
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Dudebro90  +   29d ago
Maybe this will put all the Nintendo haters on notice that they are wrong.

Pumped for iPad TCG
GenericNameHere  +   28d ago
Nintendo haters? Nintendo isn't even doing this. They own a good amount of Gamefreak shares, but not all of it, not even 50%. It's GF themselves doing it.
TekoIie  +   28d ago
Nintendo own the IP. If anything Pokemon is going to be made it's up to Nintendo. Not Gamefreak.
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KakashiHotake  +   29d ago
That's some exciting news. I'll get it ASAP.
Agent_hitman  +   29d ago
Wow Nintendo is starting to support 3rd party devices...
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   29d ago
The TCG app isn't actually developed by Nintendo's internal studios or Gamefreak, IIRC, so no, Nintendo isn't supporting this, per se.
They're just allowing it because it serves as advertisement without having to put any of their true games in the franchise onto phones.
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marloc_x  +   29d ago
I would imagine though, true fans of the series are involved in this game's development and will put some heart into it..
marloc_x  +   29d ago
I would never allow it, if there ANY question as to whether said effort would make me look foolish.

Might be alright..
darkstar18  +   29d ago
But nintendo is doomed right guys? smh..
BattleN  +   28d ago
Mario would die in space trying to repair the Nintendo space cruiser driven by Miyamoto, Before it crashed and burned lol
randomass171  +   28d ago
Didn't you ever play Mario Galaxy? Mario can survive the vacuum of space without food or water. :P
BattleN  +   28d ago
SMH Super Mario Haters?
thehobbyist  +   28d ago
Nintendo has been doomed since 1995. Must be true this time though! /s
BattleN  +   28d ago
There dying extremely slowly I guess!
700p  +   29d ago
Good news.
maniacmayhem  +   28d ago
Good to see Nintendo on a roll. You can't count an O.G. like Nintendo out. It's taken them a while but it seems they are trying to turn things around for the WiiU. Here's hoping when all those other games drop the WiiU can start being a true contender for the console crown.
Chrono  +   28d ago
Tis only a matter of time before they release Mario on ipad.
wonderfulmonkeyman   28d ago | Personal attack | show
OtakuDJK1NG  +   28d ago

Imma say it again to you.

Pokemon TGC Online is a Microtransaction game.

Developed by Electrified Games, Sleepy Giant Entertainment, Plexipixel and Inversoft.

It for Marketing purposes of Pokemon Training Cards.
Just as Pokemon 3D Pro, TV and Tap.

Not from Nintendo money or by any Nintendo developer.
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GenericNameHere  +   28d ago
Same thing happened when Pokédex 3D went to iOS. Investors know jack squat, thinking the main Pokémon games will be ported there. It's gonna go down again when they realize it's just some card game.
Theyellowflash30  +   28d ago
Nintendo's stock has actually been on a steady uptick the past few months
SpiralTear  +   28d ago
The recent Nintendo investors meeting shows that the people in the Nintendo money market don't just not play games, but they simply don't care about games. Remember when an investor told Iwata to shut up about games and the audience cheered for him? Terrible.
Monstar  +   28d ago
Doesn't Nintendo make anything more mature and realistic..for core gamers, why all kiddy trash and rehashes...gsus.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   28d ago
You obviously haven't been giving the system's library a fair chance, or you'd see games like The Wonderful 101 and DKTF, not to mention upcoming titles like Xenoblade X and Bayonetta 2.

That or you're another one of those dudebros that judges off of graphics.
lilbroRx  +   28d ago
You are tyring to reason with a Nintendo hater. You aren't going to change his opinion in the least because none of it is based on fact.

Everything he just says is just the same made up nonsense that has been used to bash Nintendo for over a decade.
Nevers0ft  +   28d ago
Awwwwww. He's just a little insecure, he thinks people judge him based on the games he plays ;)
lunatic0001  +   28d ago
That ladies and gentlemen is why I hate modern gamers...all they want is realistic bs...what a bunch of morons...they really don't know what gaming is even if it bit them in the ass and then they call themselves core gamers hahahaha
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Nah, there's plenty more to core gaming than just Nintendo games. Do you want to know why many prefer Game of Thrones over The Lord of The Rings? Game of Thrones achieves the same scale and awe, while also being somewhat grounded.

Nintendo gamers like to brand something being grounded as being 'realistic' because you want to make those 'other' games look boring, as if games like Far Cry, God of War, Borderlands, Uncharted or Burnout Paradise are truly realistic. Being grounded just makes it easier to be absorbed into a world andlet yourself fall into the role

It's pretty pathetic, and you're attitude only appeals to people who think Hyrule Warriors will be an exceptional game becuase Nintendo is on the box. You're part of an emerging minority of Nintendo fans who stand against advancements of story, graphics, online, physics and the presence of violence, sex, exploration of themes and problems, etc - simply because those are things Nintendo is not particularly good, and the other platforms can provide and excell at.
Geekman  +   28d ago
Years ago Metal Gear Solid on Playstation looked "realistic" Today MGSV makes it look like crap.

Unrealistic games hold up MUCH better. Kirbys Adventure still looks good. Super Mario World still looks good. Earthbound still looks good.
AWBrawler  +   28d ago
This. I agree. Earthbound is still amazing
C_Ali88  +   28d ago
If you want realism turn off your consoles and go outside, that's about as real as you can get. What happened to games being about whimsy, fantasy and an experience humans couldn't get normally? Games are supposed to be about imagination not realism!!!

If I wanted to shoot somebody I'd join the army!
If I want to play sports I'd go to the appropriate venue and play sports!
If I want to drive I'll get in my car!

Unfortunately people are stupid and would rather sit in their homes and experience virtual experiences they could easily experience in reality!
''If I wanted to jump, I'd just jump, or go to a challenge course!
If I wanted to race Go karts, I'd just race Go karts!
If I wanted to train animals, I'd buy a dog.
If I wanted to go an epic quest, I'd go on a plane to the Himalyas''

Do you not see how minimalistc and truly stupid you're attitude is? Unfortunately, there is a very distict minority of Nintendo gamers who would rather pretend that Nintendo is some sort of God, and that games like Red Dead Redemption and Burnout Paradise were designed by Satan. You make Nintendo gamers look bad.
C_Ali88  +   28d ago
I didn't say Nintendo was god, stop assuming. I've always owned all consoles and it's "your" perspective that's skewed. Don't talk about a "distinct" few when you don't even make a valid argument, you try to reverse what I said but that was an utter fail. I never mentioned Red Dead redemption or burnout as those games have modicum of fantasy and unrealism. I never mentioned any game by name, and as for your rhetoric calm it down you don't have a good enough grasp on the English language to use it effectively.
C_Ali88  +   28d ago
Can you go upside down and defeat gravity in your go kart? No!

In your obstacle course would you somehow be transported from this world to another where you attain a slew of power ups? Including but not limited to: Fire balls?, a cape that allows you to fly? A star to make you invincible? No! But you can always do shrooms and hallucinate if you want

In your quest to the Himalayas would you encounter ghosts? Demons? Princesses and magical swords?? No! you'd just freeze your ass off and meet some really cool people who've adapted to living in low oxygen high altitude environments, where it would be hard for you to even breathe.

But you're free to go do that if you choose! It wouldn't be fun but you can surely do it!
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Realplaya  +   28d ago
This is great news. They can make a trading card game which will filter people to buy a 3ds and get the real experience. If this marketing works they can do it for other franchises.
Good news for Nintendo.

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