Guitar Hero Storms the Stage at Isle of Wight Festival

Wired writes:Fans of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock will get a chance to strut their stuff on the main stage at this year's three-day Isle of Wight Festival, which starts Friday, with the best contestants getting projected on the grounds' big screens.

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TheWickedOne3837d ago

I'm not a huge GH fan (I do own GH3). But how awesome would it be to play it on that freaking screen.

Nevers3837d ago

That screen is huge. My buddy just got a 100in. projection. He can only use 85in. of it but that was nutsoid to play on. GH/RB was intense. With a crowd behind you like that, it would be add to the crazyness as well.

TheDeadMetalhead3837d ago

I would love to be on that giant screen getting 92% on Raining Blood (Expert)!