Forza Horizon 2 vs. DriveClub Feature Comparison

GamerVets compares features from both Xbox One's Forza Horizon 2 and PS4's DriveClub.

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user14394141309d ago

DriveClub is superior but ForzaHorizon2 still looks good. I will play them both because I love driving games.

What I really want to see is another Project Gotham Racing.

brich2331309d ago

How is Driveclub superior than Forza or Vice versa? They havent released yet. Wait for the reviews.

I too want a PGR games, its one of my favorite racing games.

kenmid1309d ago

lol, How is Driveclub superior? I'm not saying Forza is better but it is a more established franchise. Saying that Driveclub is superior is just ridiculous

1309d ago
SCW19821309d ago

You do realize I hope that in a lot of ways DRIVECLUB feels like a spiritual successor to PGR. A lot of the team from bizzare studios now works for evolution.

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falviousuk1309d ago Show
ShinMaster1309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

This comparison only matters if both games were coming out on both systems or if you owned both systems and you have to make a choice.

DOMination-1309d ago

DC looks beautiful but the driving looks really uninspiring. I need to play it to see if thats true or not though. Also only 50 cars and only 5 per club is a worry. I am convinced they spent too much time makong pretty clouds than stuff that really matters in a racing game.

system221309d ago

DC practically is pgr. Just more social

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VealParmHero1308d ago

Well idk about the whole "superior" thing. So far we haven't played it. At least with forza we have a general idea how it will play, and it should be great. DC does seem very promising and the visuals are top notch. But horizon is a diff type of game, and the visuals and weather systems, along with great physics, all at 1080/60 is nothing shy of impressive, especially on the xb1. So I will reserve judgement, and I know I will be playing both come this fall. But for now, for anyone to deem one of these racers superior to the other is really kind of wrong. But again, to each his own. I am more excited for Forza, and I would guess that will be the more fully featured title over all, but that's just me. Let's wait and see.

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Back-to-Back1309d ago

Did they really just list drivator as a feature? lol I'm done.

Gamer19821309d ago

Gotta love comparison articles that list unique features to one game just to say the other game has less features.. Its okay to compare stuff like amount of cars as they both have cars but to say one has driveatar and the other doesn't? When they missed out features Driveclub has that Forza doesn't so this is a very slanted comparison to begin with.

medman1309d ago

I see drive club as being the clearly prettier game, with Forza having the better experience due to it being open world driving in the south of france...that setting is hard to beat. I have a ps4, ps3, and 360, so it will be drive club or project cars for me, but I can appreciate forza horizon 2 for what it is nonetheless.

Blaze9291308d ago

you can't even lie - when it comes to value, Forza Horizon 2 clearly takes the cake. Only thing Driveclub seems to have had going for itself since it being announced are the graphics. Nice to know they speant more time on how the game looks than plays.

But then again, I haven't played either. Guess we'll find out this year

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Sonyslave31309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

They forgot to mention half of those features of Dc are missing at launched.

Ezz20131309d ago (Edited 1309d ago )

nice name

OT: Both look great to any Race lovers
but i gotta say DriveClub Graphics are Infapdible

johndoe112111309d ago

Exactly which half of those features are missing? List them please.

Lawboy21309d ago

He's talking about the weather

Biggest1309d ago

So the game has two features. Cars. Weather. Is that what he's saying when he says "half of those features..."?

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FanboyKilla1309d ago

oooooo they gone loose their head when they get a wif of this. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

Ryuk_20071309d ago

Forza beats Driveclub by a mile when it comes to features. No contest.