AMD Catalyst 14.7 RC3 Driver Out, Improves Watch_Dogs Performance On Single GPU & Multi-GPU Configs

AMD has released a new set of drivers that come with improved performance on Watch_Dogs, an AMD Crossfire profile for Wildstar, and single GPU and multi-GPU performance enhancements on Lichdom.

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TheMapleNerd1493d ago

Didn't nvidia launch a lot of this months ago?

RamboRabbi1493d ago

I downloaded 14.7 about 2 weeks ago so this article is already outdated.

gemini21493d ago

that was different version this is 14.7 RC3 it dropped 2 days ago .Rc3=release candidate 3 ..I had the one from few weeks back this one has a higher performance boost for sure

atticus141493d ago

AMD had a watch dogs performance patch before as well, this is just another one. Probably because of the whole Nvidia not allowing ubisoft to share any source code that would greatly help AMD optimize. Ubisoft is in Nvidia's wallet sadly.

windblowsagain1493d ago

Went back to 14.4 and they are better then 14.7 for me.

Depends on card anyway.