Risen 3: Titan Lords Gets Ripped To Shreds By Angry Joe

One Angry Gamer "Now I understand Joe’s frustrations with the game; I can see why the combat system might be off-putting to some games, but at the same time I can also see why they might not get it.

Risen 3 basically has a more refined and expansive combat system from the Gothic series. I didn’t mind it in Gothic because I understood what I was getting into; it’s not Dynasty Warriors, folks."

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Deividas1494d ago

HAHA awesome. But seriously....Horrible game...I mean horrible....

edqe1494d ago

The combat system is bad no doubts but it has been always in their games. In the other hand combat system is beyond crap in TES series as well but for some reason reviewers are very forgiving.

700p1494d ago

Hes acting. His rages arent genuine.

TedCruzsTaint1494d ago

The combat's never been very good in Piranha Bytes games. Just how it is. I still find the combat fun and fairly tactical.
What the real hook of the series is is the exploration which, much like Gothic, is handled very, very well here.
Other than that, the other major component is being able to truly interact and manipulate the world through player choice and the building of your character himself.
Joe is notorious for tearing at this series. At the same time, he never actually addresses some of the major selling points of the series. Preferring to harp on the weaker missions to be found or the combat that isn't to his taste (though admittedly weak in areas).

Muadiib1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

These developers need to play less Assassins Creed/The Witcher and more Dark Souls, there's no excuse for a poor combat system anymore.