World Of Warcraft Subscription Plan Will Rise In November

Fair or not, Blizzard decided to increase the subscription rates for World of Warcraft UK players. Seems like the Warlords of Draenor expansion will bring us new content, a visual overhaul, and a higher subscription plan.

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xX-StolenSoul-Xx1498d ago

Really still not a good move after such a loss in subscriptions. Many other mmos keep releasing with such high quality and the big increase in the free to play market within the past 2 years especially. People should not be given another reason of why not to play WoW. People of whom already played wow may come back just to tackle the expansion but newer players would be more cautious.

ArchangelMike1498d ago

But why is it that it's the UK players that always get screwed?

acekaze1497d ago

You are wrong, they are just putting UK closer to the rest of Europe, in Portugal i pay 12.99€ euros per month to play wich is the equivalent to 10,38 pounds, they arent just "screwing UK players", they are simply opening your buttcheeks to the size of the rest of the european players :)

Right now, even with the increase to 9.99 pounds, your still the ones playing for cheaper in all Europe.

3-4-51497d ago

Not sure what their logic is.

* They LOSE 800,000 subscriptions and their answer to that problem is to increase the cost of subscribing ?

Only a fool thinks that is a good idea. A Money grubbing, 7 Ferrari having fool.

Volkama1497d ago

Perhaps they're thinking about putting someone to work on a content patch. Part time. Maybe.

Software_Lover1497d ago

Really? If they stop paying the celebs for all the cheesy commercials, maybe they could have more money in the bank.

WeAreLegion1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

That sucks for UK subscribers. Money changes value, but that still sucks.

GhostTurtle1497d ago

Dang, what a terrible decision by Blizz. What the hell are they thinking?

Neixus1497d ago

They are not changing anything, the money value has changed. They are just re-adjusting the price or else it would be cheaper. Hence why it's only for UK.