3DS Weekly Deals: Refurbished 2DS with Mario Party: Island Tour for $99.99, 2DS $99.99 and much more

3DS deals and sales on Nintendo, Walmart, Amazon, NewEgg, Dell, GameStop, Target, Frys and Groupon.

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timothyckeegan1499d ago

Is Mario Party a great game? That 2DS deal at Groupon is tempting.

user14394141499d ago

This is a good deal for anyone who is unfortunate to not own one already.

andrewsimons1499d ago

Walmart deal is not available anymore.

Tom871499d ago

As I stated before, I got a refurbished 3ds xl yoshi edition. Quality is good. Would buy refurbished consoles again.

edgarohickman1499d ago

A lot of 3DS deals for this week. Still waiting for Fire Emblem sale :(

Fullmetalevolust1499d ago

Man, Nintendo makes it hard to buy games on sales given that the prices hardly go down.
Is it true that they only produce as many games as there's demand?
it's a smart move, but it hurts my wallet!