Wii U Weekly Deals: Super Smash Bros. Bundle Pre-order $100, Sensor Bar USB Replacement $15 and more

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edgarohickman1458d ago

Are all of the GameCube controllers wired?

3-4-51458d ago

There is the old Wireless kind. It's a bit fatter, but it was the first modern wireless controller.

Tom871458d ago

Just saved $10 by pre-ordering the Super Smash Bros. Bundle for $99.99

andrewsimons1458d ago

Sonic Lost World is $29.99 at Gamestop. I just bought it.

timothyckeegan1458d ago

Are LEGO games great? A lot of sales on all LEGO games lately.

DryBoneKoopa851458d ago

The Lego games are a lot of fun. Lego City for Wii U is really good and Lego Marvel might be my favorite Lego Super Hero game to date. Might change after playing Lego Batman 3.

jacobvogel1458d ago

Can I get the WiiU bundle at target and then trade Lego for a better game?


Why not, but you probably wouldn't get that good of a deal on the game, regardless of where you trade it at. Why not either just enjoy the Lego game also, or try your luck selling it (you should at least get more than any trade you'll be offered).