Aston Martin Debuts Real Life Gran Turismo 6 DP-100 Car

This week at Pebble Beach Aston Martin debuted the real-life version of its Gran Turismo supercar, the 800-horsepower DP-100.

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TheProjectAli1373d ago

Was a sweet looking car in GT6, even more impressive in real life.

LackTrue4K1373d ago

Well this car is beautiful!!!

First time I have ever seen it, Let it up to Gran Turismo to set/raise bars like this.

Angels37851373d ago

And people dare to compare to forza...forza doesn't have anything like this happen... PLUS this is one of MANY REAL cars that have come from gran turismo.

says which one car manufacturers take seriously.

Immorals1373d ago

The p1 and the new Ferrari were announced at Microsoft events

Angels37851372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Announcing them has nothing to do with working along side and designing them.

the citroen gt, nissan gtr, this car and MANY others have been designed and built into production cars with the gt team in some way.

Forza has not. the best they've had are announcements of cars alongside the game. Which GT has had done as well.

which microsoft probably paid them to do.