Until Dawn: You Choose Who Lives Or Dies

Until Dawn tells the story of 8 friends who spend the night in a log cabin in memory of their friends death. Like every good horror film, things quickly begin to take a turn for the worse as the group are separated one by one.

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ArronNelson1493d ago

This really looks good. I like the idea of every decision i make in the game having an effect on the ending.

Army_of_Darkness1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Very interesting...
Ain't gonna lie, but is it just me or does the annoying girl you control in the demo has a smokin' figure with a nice sexy walk to compliment that ass or what?! ..... Damn, I need to get out.....

EdnaJones971493d ago

This is going to be amazing. Supermassive Games have created over a thousand endings on this.

patelsanjeed1493d ago

A thousand endings? How is that even possible?

henrythomas2841493d ago

It's using the Butterfly effect tech to make these insane amount of endings possible, but it will be hard to probably see it all unless you each play through you do something completely different, which i read will change the outcome of the game. Can't wait to ply this.

medman1492d ago

Slight variations in endings, not a thousand massively different endings. It's an accomplishment no matter which way you look at it, and this game is looking like a definite must buy.

sorceror1711492d ago

8 people alive/dead => 8 bits on/off. So that's 256 possible combinations of survivors, assuming there aren't any guaranteed deaths, and including 'everybody dies'.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

*Hundreds of endings*
Probably not over a thousand.
Either way, you can likely play it til nextgen and still not see every ending.

BitbyDeath1493d ago

This is definitely in my top 3 games for next year.
Along with Uncharted 4 and WiLD.

alvinmiller921493d ago

I saw a little bit of the 24 mins gameplay. I couldn't watch anymore cause i don't like spoilers, but from what I have seen this is going to be amazing.

Frankskint1493d ago

This is on my top 2015 must get list. Finally we get some good games coming to PlayStation 4.

lisamorgan41493d ago

Might just end up playing this from dusk until dawn when this comes out.

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The story is too old to be commented.