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Top 5 most scary games ever

Are you an ice cold gamer with nerves of steel? Be sure to check out these five games. (Doom, Outlast, PC, PS3, PS4, Retro, Xbox)

BiggerBoss  +   68d ago
Call of Duty Zombie mode?? What???
Alexious  +   68d ago
Yeah, that's not exactly scary...
Tedakin  +   68d ago
I agree with Outlast..... but uh.. no Silent Hill 2, Condemned, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil 1.......

Scark92  +   68d ago
It seems this article has been written by a 6 year old haha,
but I guess he has not played the real scary games like the ones you have mentioned.
Though the title is misleading ,its imo a bad list and should be stated as an opinion rather than fact.
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ceejaa  +   68d ago
Fear was freaky. Doom back in the day was scary. Silent hill freaked me out a lil too. Played the p.t. demo. One part of it made me poop a little.
ab5olut10n  +   68d ago
agreed, P.T. i'm 33 and so is my roommate, we played it together and still yelled out loud a few times.
Darkwatchman  +   68d ago
FEAR was never scary. I never got scared playing it. Its sequel was scarier, but even then, still not much of a horror game and F3Ar(FEAR 3), the one on the list; that's the least scary of the franchise
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Scark92  +   68d ago
I agree, FEAR never scared me but it was fun and a good game overall, I do hear bad things about the third game too.
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rustyspoon80  +   68d ago
P.T as a concept demo was awesome, especially in the dark with surround. Hearing things behind you then spinning to see what was there.
I just hope that Silent Hills turns out to be a bit more traditional in it's approach. I dont want to be running through the same section over and over trying to work out what to do next.
SteamPowered  +   68d ago
"The Most Scary Games"? How about "The Scariest Games"?
When is school back in session?
Iltapalanyymi  +   68d ago
hardly any of those are even remotely scary.
sure, some of them are really good games, but not scary.
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