Top 5 most scary games ever

Are you an ice cold gamer with nerves of steel? Be sure to check out these five games.

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BiggerBoss1191d ago

Call of Duty Zombie mode?? What???

Alexious1191d ago

Yeah, that's not exactly scary...

Tedakin1191d ago

I agree with Outlast..... but uh.. no Silent Hill 2, Condemned, Fatal Frame, Resident Evil 1.......


scark921191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

It seems this article has been written by a 6 year old haha,
but I guess he has not played the real scary games like the ones you have mentioned.
Though the title is misleading ,its imo a bad list and should be stated as an opinion rather than fact.

ceejaa1191d ago

Fear was freaky. Doom back in the day was scary. Silent hill freaked me out a lil too. Played the p.t. demo. One part of it made me poop a little.

ab5olut10n1191d ago

agreed, P.T. i'm 33 and so is my roommate, we played it together and still yelled out loud a few times.

Darkwatchman1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

FEAR was never scary. I never got scared playing it. Its sequel was scarier, but even then, still not much of a horror game and F3Ar(FEAR 3), the one on the list; that's the least scary of the franchise

scark921191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I agree, FEAR never scared me but it was fun and a good game overall, I do hear bad things about the third game too.

rustyspoon801191d ago

P.T as a concept demo was awesome, especially in the dark with surround. Hearing things behind you then spinning to see what was there.
I just hope that Silent Hills turns out to be a bit more traditional in it's approach. I dont want to be running through the same section over and over trying to work out what to do next.

SteamPowered1191d ago

"The Most Scary Games"? How about "The Scariest Games"?
When is school back in session?

Iltapalanyymi1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

hardly any of those are even remotely scary.
sure, some of them are really good games, but not scary.