The Witcher 3 Producer Stan Just Reveals More on Next Year's Release

Vaughn interviews Stan Just, a producer from CD Projekt RED about The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at this year's Gamescom

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FalloutWanderer20771373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

The monster morphing is going to be cool! We got to see it with the Werewolf in the Downwarren demo and I found out during the 'Sword of Destiny' trailer @ 2:04-2:05 slow down the play-time and you will notice the monster at the end before the CGI outro, morphs into a larger/slightly different version. Awesome stuff that IMO is "Next Gen". Real-time morphing in-game is badass.

The other thing to point out in this interview that certainly clarified one thing for me - There will definitely be multiple races/species within particular monster groups/families. Stan says " The No Man's Land race of Werewolf" around the 10:50 onward mark.

Wish this game was coming out sooner! I need my Witcher fix and this game looks like it is going to be incredible!