Why the PS Vita is not dead to me

A reader explains why he hasn’t given up on Sony’s portable yet, and argues it’s actually the best handheld console ever.

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ArchangelMike1499d ago

Unfortunately Sony have settled on the fact the Vita is primarily going to be a remote play/Vita TV device. The success of the PS4 have somewhat blinded them to the fact the Vita is being relegated as a console.

admiralvic1499d ago

"The success of the PS4 have somewhat blinded them to the fact the Vita is being relegated as a console."

Well, it's more complex than you make it out to be. For starters, some people act like you can easily create momentum and anything can be successful if they do a couple of arguably simple things, but the real world doesn't work this way. In the real world, good momentum (what the PS4 currently has) is the result of good luck and smart planning, which is causing the neglect that some people are noticing.

Instead of throwing tons of money (something Sony can't afford to do) at the possibility of creating stronger momentum for the Vita, Sony is going with the safer bet and trying to maintain the momentum the PS4 has (a far smarter business move). Sadly this does leave people who love the Vita in the dust (I was a day -7 supporter and bought the $350 edition console + a 32 gb memory card at release, so don't think I am not a supporter), but at the same time I don't blame Sony as this makes sense for them to do.

In the end you have to accept that even if Sony was to announce some heavy hitters at E3 (Gravity Daze 2, new GoW, exclusive MGS) and gave it decent time on the stage, there is no guarantee that this will move consoles or even make an impact, so instead of wasting all that cash / resources on a pretty big MAYBE, they're throwing money / resources at something that is less risky overall.

iamnsuperman1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Is still think Sony should take it one step further and put remote play on phones. The Vita is and sadly will always be an unpopular device. Like what you said I see people saying the fix is easier and Sony needs to just show it support. In the real world this just will not happen. Look at Tearaway sales. It sold a lot less than half a million units (I have seen some low figures). Look at the borderlands bundle. It sold units but I would say the numbers were healthy or showing long term prosperity. They could keep throwing money at the problem but it isn't going to change anything

The problem is that market is over crowded as it directly competes with smartphone and tablets. The 3DS is selling (and so our it's games) but no where near the rate they should be (for how much market share they have). The games are interesting because despite having a large share of the market and a large amount of units sold the games that have sold relatively well are Pokémon and other Nintendo brands that were established as brands many years ago (I think Animal Crossing is the only non established brand to sell extremely well on the 3DS). That is important thing Sony doesn't really have.

Sony can't compete with this and they made a device more aimed at the niche. Sony should putt all its efforts into the PS4 and making remote play as accessible as possible

Bigpappy1499d ago

Cell phone and tablet are hurting handheld consoles. Because parents already buy the kids phones and Ipads, they don't see a need to get a handheld console as the kids have lots of cheaper content to keep them busy. If they do go for a strict gaming handheld, it will most likely be Nintendo. This leaves it up core gamers to support Vita.

Putting all of that in mind, it is just a matter of time before Vita follows the Move and not see any support from 3rd with Sony soon to follow.

HentaiMasterRace1499d ago

It's not dead to me either(because Persona), but it's just not doing well out of Japan. It kind of saddens me, but it is the truth. Can there be a comeback? Maybe, but not in the way Sony is treating it. Japanese games are what drive sales for handhelds overall so we can only hope for some good(well known) 3rd party games at TGS. Sony is practically the Vita's worst enemy, they won't ever talk about Vita again, and that's quite sad. Shuhei can respond with the remote play BS, but that only appeals to an even smaller crowd. I just hope they at least keep Gravity Rush 2 as a Vita exclusive. After the Tearaway PS4 announcement though, it seems more like a dream now.

SaveFerris1499d ago

You just need to recharge it and it'll work again.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1499d ago

Okay to you it's not but maybe to others it is.