Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2: Here’s How Badly You Can Smash a Supercar in Both Games

In many cases the visual damage model of racing games remains unexplored almost all the way up to release, as developers seem excessively shy of showing their beloved cars smashed up until they’re unrecognizable.

Since DualShockers' Giuseppe Nelva doesn’t suffer from that particular kind of shyness, he went to both Sony’s and Microsoft’s booths at Gamescom, sat at the controls of his favorite supercars in Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2, and started smashing against every available barrier until everyone around him thought he was really, really bad at driving.

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SaveFerris1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

I'm looking forward to Driveclub on PS+ but it would've been great to see if you can completely write off your vehicle.

Abriael1433d ago

There's quite a bit of panel deformation too. Not too much, but it's visible.

SaveFerris1433d ago

Okay. Perhaps it'll be clearer for me with direct footage. Thanks for pointing that out.

ShinMaster1433d ago

They're both a little... wrinkled, but that's about it.

Not that damaging your car should be the goal anyway.

FamilyGuy1433d ago

The side windows don't break/crack/shatter on Forza? DriveClub shatters them but I see no glass damage on Forza. Both get dented pretty good but neither lets you completely total the model.

UltraNova1433d ago

Who actually cares about damage ? I mean these titles aren't Burnout...

1433d ago
Dude4201433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Guys, it's real simple, if they wanted severe damage on cars like in the Burnout games, they would have done it. It has nothing to do with physics in the game. It's the manufacturers who allow their cars to be used that don't want the developers to show total damage.

1433d ago
ThatOneGuyThere1432d ago


are you trolling? what are you even on about? The damage is minimal because thats how manufacturers like it. Ask Polyphony. Also, reaching deep into your bowels to pull out the idea that Evolution studios doesn't do damage because they're incapable or scared of the physics involved is the most insanely idiotic thing I've heard all morning on this site. Have you even played their other games? Why don't you play Motorstorm: Pacific Rift and then tell me how they're too scared to model damage.

1431d ago
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Dee_911433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Want to see Pcars damage on consoles.I already knew damage would be like that in driveclub because they stated it back at e3. Forza damage looks good enough.

nX1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

It looks like a toy car... but Driveclub is missing something as well. Can't believe that Burnout Paradise still has the best damage on consoles.

MRMagoo1231433d ago

the forza damage looks pretty fake to me compared to drive club, kinda like crinkled paper after scrunching it up and then pulling out again.


yes but burnout didn't have LICENSED cars. You have to pay the car companies to use their brand/image and most of the time they don't really want you destroying that image.

TheXgamerLive1433d ago

Wow. I cant believe your all comparing an open world racer to a closed circut racer. You kids are funny. And by funny i mean ignorant tools.
To appreciate the beauy of both games great but to uhh uhh ps sony .... oh never mind it'll never sink in to your frontal lobes much less .... again never mind.

UnwanteDreams1433d ago

Wow someones panties are bunched up.

gapecanpie1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

All DC have is graphics.... the rest of the game is barebone and leave a lot to be desired..... FH2 have... more cars, customization, open world and better damage going by these videos .... overall fh2 seem more like a complete game.... kind of a shame considering how many delays DC had and the fact its closed circut racer is even worst because its not like they had to work on a whole open world filled with detail, so I dont understand why the game is so featureless... If I just wanted graphics then I would get Project cars(and I will) on PC which have all those things and more!

Nolando1433d ago

honestly I think DC has better lighting and special effects. during a day time race the car models and environments look great on both and seem about equal. but when DC (eventually) gets weather it does looks a lot better due to the superior lighting and special effects.

gootimes1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Drive Club looks to have much more exciting races due to that amazing sense of speed. Obviously Drive Club was going for realism and quality. I think it looks like a better racer personally, I could care less about damage or a million features.

It's not even the right comparison, compare FH2 to the Crew, the Crew has a bigger and better open world.

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xJumpManx1433d ago

Damage in FH2 looks better. Drive club as a whole looks better but I worry the gameplay will suffer since the game looks realistic. if Sony nails the gameplay with those graphics it will be a special game.

rarity1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

"I worry the gameplay will suffer since the game looks realistic." I.....can' ease tell me you're joking.

King Nezz1433d ago

He probably meant he hopes the emphasis was on the game as a whole, and not just on graphics. That's Crytek's biggest issue. Both games look like they will satisfy both Sony and Microsoft fans.

johndoe112111433d ago

Wow, talk about an utterly senseless comment....

xJumpManx1433d ago ShowReplies(2)
MRMagoo1231433d ago

Gameplay ? its a racing game, gameplay is racing around tracks, I cant imagine they can get it wrong.

Mkai281433d ago

I know what you mean, put too much focus on graphics. It's a possibility content and gameplay will suffer, physics, handling , ect.

TheDrunkenJester1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

The damage in drive club looks dumb he is literally spending 2 minutes crashing as hard as he can into things and he is just sort of gliding off them with a few sparks. He has to keep backing up and doing these little head on collisions to make anything happen otherwise he just glances of things, it doesn't look natural..

gootimes1433d ago

The sense of speed while racing tells me DC devs were going for fun, realistic gameplay.

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Sm00thNinja1433d ago

Doesn't suprise me FH2's damage is more complex. FORZA has always been pretty legit with damage. Amazed FORZA looks so great being open world I wonder if pop in will be an issue....

Abriael1433d ago

I didn't see any pop in.

Sm00thNinja1433d ago

Could be an issue in the final game going 200+ mph I wouldn't write it off. If not, ill be thoroughly impressed. Both games look great. Little more excited for Drive Club but getting both

bleedsoe9mm1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

i thought i noticed some pop in in the E3 demo , hope they get it fixed before launch , time is getting short .
its funny watching the car in Drive club crash into invisible walls . very different games !

imt5581433d ago

Maybe it is more complex, but that Lambo looks like a crumpled paper.

dontbhatin1433d ago

Thats exactly what i thought when i saw the video. LOL

FamilyGuy1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

If by "more complex" you mean that its dents are deeper then sure. DriveClubs scratches and dents looked a lot more like something you'd see on a real car though. Forzas looks kind of like crumpled cardboard. Neither looks bad though and with actual licensed car names I never expected either to let you total the cars. This isn't burnout.

BallsEye1433d ago

You also have to keep in mind forza has full car customization. With that it is way harder to pull off car damage. DC has no customization at all so I'm quite suprised car damage is not more impressive.

SPARTAN31433d ago

So they talked about that some where. They were saying at 60FPS going 200mph they saw too much pop in. that's why they doped it down to 30.

XSpike1433d ago

FH2 has more damage, but DC damage looks better. Well that's a given, DC is the better looking game. If DC had the amount of damage FH2 has then man that would look amazing. Or if FH2 had the detail that DC has, AMAZING.

End of the day, I think FH2 is going to be the funner game but Evolution Studios didn't disappoint with the gameplay on Motor Storm, so I think DC will still be super fun and even prettier to look at.

Still at the end of the day, FH2 will be the better game, its online being free roam and better game modes will just provide more fun. Just not as pretty, but still pretty.

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Thefreeman0121433d ago

Really wish i had a xbox one to play horizon 2. Debating to get one although I already have PS4... decisions decisions

Immorals1433d ago

Go for it! Both consoles will have a lot to offer in the coming years

Thefreeman0121433d ago

The only drawback is if I buy a live subscription I need to choose if it will be on xbox or PS4. i dont wanna pay for both. Same goes for choosing which game to buy for which system

GusBricker1433d ago

In the end, go with which controller you like more. I have a Xbox One and PS4, but I choose to play all my multiplatform games on Xbox One, because I prefer it's controller.

Haki11121433d ago

I agree with GusBricker the controller for the xbox one just feels better than the ps4 controller for ME

bleedsoe9mm1433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

@Thefreeman012 the subs for both are a much better deal now , both pay for themselves in a couple of months of free games

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Braveheart_NZ1433d ago

Yeah, go and get one :) We have an Xbox one and a PS4. Both are really good and both have great games coming out for them over the years. Infact, we have a Wii U and gaming PC to. Best of all worlds. We are covered for all exclusives, no matter what system it is on. A true gamer just enjoys games no matter what system it is on. Just enjoy :)

Immorals1433d ago

Get whichever offers most for you. It's not essential to subscribe to both to play the games.

And when it comes to games, same thing applies. When I get my ps4, I'll just buy exclusives for it as my friends are on xbox, and I prefer the controller, but everyone has their own preferences.

MRMagoo1231433d ago (Edited 1433d ago )

Kind of odd everyones friends seem to own xbones, If you think about it statically being that there are 2 ps4s to every xbone, it would make more sense if everyones friends had the ps4 and you had the xbone right. This is not a fanboy thing just thinking statistically.

Immorals1433d ago

@MRMagoo I know 1 person with a ps4,the rest stuck with xbox. Out of last gen, only 3/4 people I know went for a ps3. Dunno what the sales are like in UK so don't know whether it's my friend group or not.

OpieWinston1433d ago

Always best to own both systems. Especially with Phil Spencer as head of Xbox.

Good time to see the competition rise. And if you're a proud owner of both it just adds to your experience.

You don't have to get a Live subscription anytime soon or until you find an online/GWG game you want.

Pick up one of the bundles for the X1 and just sit back as you see the good exclusives come for your PS4 and X1.

I got to say I love it.

marlinfan101433d ago

if you ever get one send me a message and ill give you some free trials to gold. you can try it out and see how you like it

SPARTAN31433d ago

Get both come to the fun side of things. Scenes things are so similar with the consoles I been saying some weird stuff is going to happen, and it did tomb raider and hell blade. Don't you want to play both of thos games day one? ahahah

Wait you don't want to pay for both online things that would make it weird. You couldn't fairly choose what game to get on what system I just try to keep it even between them.

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HollywoodLA1433d ago

Hold on a sec... isn't it a bit early to release another Forza game? Didn't the first one come out like 8 months ago?


Immorals1433d ago

Horizon games are vastly different from forza numbered games. Ones a racing sim on tracks, the others an arcadey open world game.

Neoninja1433d ago

That was Forza 5 which is more of a simulation racer. Forza Horizon 2 is an open world think Test Drive, but maybe not on that scale. Same Forza name, but two different games.

HollywoodLA1433d ago

It sounds like Microsoft is splitting hairs lol...

Naga1433d ago


If you had any idea what either game was like, you wouldn't be saying that.

GodGinrai1433d ago

"It sounds like Microsoft is splitting hairs lol..."

It sounds like you are trolling..LMFAO!!

Tedakin1433d ago

It's 2 different franchises a year apart.

BlackWolf121433d ago

Yeah basically.

People may try to dismiss this as there being two different 'games' but they are both racing games. One has a NFS style open world, the other is more Gran Turismo like.

But both are racing games. So yes, the last one came out last year.

It's like saying each Call of Duty is different and can't be considered the same because it's made by a different company.

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