New Screenshot Released of a Completed Area from The Witness

Ricky from Twinfinite writes; "Jonathan Blow's The Witness has been a long time coming, and may finally be nearing completion according to a new screenshot of a finished area of the game."

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DarkOcelet1499d ago

So your indication is that by releasing a new screenshot that it's almost complete , i wish i had your optimism , but its really been a long while since we heard or saw anything about the game but so far so good.

GribbleGrunger1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

There WAS a quote that went with the screenshot that said it was in it's final crunch period.

DarkOcelet1499d ago

It says hinting that the game is near completion at last , is that the quote ? It doesnt seem like it..

GribbleGrunger1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

That picture was posted along with a quote from Jonathan Blow which said the game is nearing completion. For some reason the article hasn't posted that quote.

"Just wanted to do a quick post saying that we are all working hard on the game, figuring out some of the last unknowns and polishing things up. We are definitely in finish-the-game mode, that’s why the posts have gotten more rare. Here is a shot of the finalized hub area I first posted about in the beginning of the year, to tide you over:"

DarkOcelet1499d ago

Thanks for the clarification , had i known , i wouldnt have posted that first comment , my bad :)

Lionalliance1499d ago

Can we fix the Thumbnail problem? is getting annoying

BlindMango1499d ago

Okay, I was wondering if I was the only one with that problem, lol

Lionalliance1499d ago

seems is affecting some people, but nobody said anything.

vastolorde6661498d ago

I thought i had messed up with my browser settings...