Would You Lug A Wii U-Like Android Gamepad Around To Play With?

"How would it feel to be lugging around a mobile gaming device that’s about the size and weight of Nintendo’s Wii U Gamepad? Actually, would doing that help give mobile gaming some form of better street cred than the moans that it’s knock offs, card games and free-to-play microtransaction heaven?"

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wonderfulmonkeyman1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

It's not that far off from the size of the 3DS XL, in my experience, and the weight is semi-close, too.

The only difference, really, is one is a full-out system with two screens, and the other is just a controller with a no-lag screen to interact with the Wii U's games.

But going back on topic; I actually DO carry around the game pad, in a backpack, alongside the Wii U.
I wouldn't do it with a tablet because, well, tablet gaming sucks as far as I'm concerned, but I gladly do it with my Wii U.XD

Going to Starbucks on the weekend and just relaxing away from home while still getting to play my favorite games is a really awesome thing, and I've made a few friends that way, too, in the past, just by being more public with my hobby.

When Bayonetta 2 comes out, I plan on taking a small TV with me instead of just the game pad, so I can play it over there in style.
Same with Smash; if I'm lucky I'll make some new rivals!

I'm not sure how many people around this site actually try it, but gaming in public is a really different and fun way of enjoying the hobby of being a gamer.

Just, be respectful with the volume, if you do so, because not everyone will appreciate you blaring it, and if you're respectful about it from the get-go then the employees won't have any issues with you doing it, either.[I know blaring the volume to show off is tempting, but restrain thyselves.XD]

Also, be extremely cautious by guarding your things closely.
If possible, don't do this alone, because having someone to guard your stuff when you go to the restroom or step away for a moment to order a drink or just to stretch, is always smarter than leaving your stuff alone.

marloc_x1494d ago

I travel with my Wii U. Console, gamepad and 2TB drive are very portable..

BullyMangler1495d ago

Im so happy with the wiiU gamepads volume! ad Rumble!

the day the gamePad goes cLoud .. .

eworthington01495d ago

I was looking into those for emulators. I didnt like the idea of having another debice just for that. I do like the button mapping tool... but I decided to go with phonejoy.
Very satisfied.