Amazon Reveals Strikes Again

Amazon has a release date posted for Freedom wars that is too precise to be a place holder. Have they slipped up again?!

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Apollo11191d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this game.

user14394141191d ago

Amazon seem to be slipping up a lot. Now that Google has bought Amazon I am not surprised at all.

Liqvid1190d ago

Google hasn't bought Amazon. Where the hell did you hear that?

LightDiego1190d ago

Actually Disney bought Amazon, and both bought Google.
Freedom Wars looks great.

infinitewords1190d ago

Is this going to be playable on the U.S. PlayStation TV?

edgarohickman1191d ago

Thumbnails not working for a lot of articles.

Heisenburger1191d ago

Almost none of them are for me on mobile. Since yesterday.

ground_beef1191d ago

Same here, no images from the front page on iPad.

Lionalliance1190d ago

on the web browser too, not only mobile.

Tom871191d ago

Amazon still has the release date.

HentaiMasterRace1191d ago

October is probably a good time to release it.

Fullmetalevolust1191d ago

Damn, the way things are looking for the vita, we gotta support this game so that it sells well.
I just hope it's not the last AAA games from Sony Japan!
It could use a lot of promotion behind it.

HentaiMasterRace1191d ago

Gravity Rush 2, and Oreshika 2 are the last for now....... or forever. I'm gonna buy 3 copies of each.

Fullmetalevolust1190d ago

I am looking forward to Oreshika after what I';ve seen, but Gravity Rush 2 has not been officially confirmed,and I hope Sony doesn't pull a Tear away on it!