Terra Battle’s Version Of Bahamut Will Be A Recruitable Monster

According to Sakaguchi, the game is currently in its final stage of development.

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DarkOcelet1494d ago

Really!! after the awesome Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon , you go for mobile , you need to stop that and make Lost Odyssey 2 now .

vishmarx1494d ago

the guy, as legendary and talented he is, is kind of an ass at working with other people.
he hates square ,he hates sony,he hates Ms,he is no longer interested in nintendo either.
thats not how you do business

DiscoKid1493d ago

The biggest reason is he doesn't want to invest in a full-scale RPG. The mobile market is strong in Japan. So Sakaguchi releasing a game for mobile would be popular demand. He saves development funds making a grindy, small scale game while making a huge profit. He's become greedy. It probably rubbed on him when he was working for Square-Enix.

3-4-51493d ago

He's lazy and doesn't want to make a full game.

He knows he can milk money by putting this BS out.